Raj Kundra’s Latest Controversy

Raj Kundra, husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, was arrested for allegedly making porn films. But this is not the only controversy in his name. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

23/07/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Parishreet M.
    30/10/2021 00:58

    Sex broker

  • Parishreet M.
    30/10/2021 00:57


  • Renu S.
    29/09/2021 05:42

    Don't understand how she can still accept him despite his allegations. Unless she is aware of what he was doing. Money above love

  • Abdul Q.
    02/09/2021 22:50

    There both corrupt as each other Shilpa is just a loose women as he’s a player always cheating. That’s a Fact.

  • Linda L.
    22/08/2021 03:17

    Likes of satan

  • Navjot G.
    20/08/2021 23:50

    Garbage stays garbage

  • S R.
    19/08/2021 18:20

    Shilpa in porn industry Mmmmm maybe fit

  • Sanath K.
    17/08/2021 16:00

    What All Shoddy Businesses After All Only Pasmina Swals Business.

  • Ricky G.
    17/08/2021 06:08

    Video ka link bhi dal deye na😂

  • Sahil P.
    15/08/2021 11:11

    slimey guy with a weak chin.

  • Sintra A.
    08/08/2021 13:25

    I hope the Mumbai police not using this as a ploy to try and make us Forget about SUSHANT SING RAJPUT MURDER because we still waiting

  • Alan P.
    06/08/2021 18:48

    Word is greed ......horrible and i feel more greedy is shilpa ....cause she never married anyone from industry ...matlap kohi bhaw nahi diya .

  • Ami P.
    06/08/2021 03:47

    Bollywood criminals.. doesn't need lawyers , doesn't need media, doesn't need their own to save themselves because they have 1 big weapon who can save them from every filthiest crimes n that is 💵💰.. kyuki paisa bolta Hai... Salman, sanjay, Mahesh bhatt ...the list goes on ..

  • Nadra O.
    02/08/2021 06:17

    Today Ram will get justice

  • Khushbu G.
    02/08/2021 02:12

    Yoga se hi hoga as shilpa said

  • Bronson C.
    31/07/2021 05:50

    Porn star SHILPA SHETTY

  • Roshni C.
    30/07/2021 14:36

    They have a Gold loan case which they quietly settled l think

  • Jason P.
    30/07/2021 08:19

    Instead of happily eating home made kori rotti and kotte mude .. he wanted outside "food" from outside..😁😁

  • Sayantani K.
    29/07/2021 14:53

    He divorced his first wife while she was pregnant and was in hospital, delivered his daughter. Imagine. So karma is good

  • Maanu B.
    29/07/2021 11:51

    Straight forward people cant become rich so soon, even they do hardworking. Doing all unethical stuff only f8r money and luxurious life.

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