Shocking Visuals of Monsoon Wreckage in Mumbai

Fish on airport runway! Unbelievable images from Maharashtra monsoons show unbridled power of mother nature. 🙀

05/07/2019 5:00 AM
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  • Nitu D.
    22/07/2019 07:22

    That's nothing compared to Assam

  • Zhongli R.
    19/07/2019 21:52

    You cut trees and do some more Sci-fi shit in the name of development. Now be hold the karma! No regrets! Start saving nature cuz if u dont then next turn might be yours!

  • Thounaojam B.
    19/07/2019 14:05

    But why no one cover Assam

  • Pradeepa P.
    18/07/2019 16:54

    It's High time that we should stop complaining over govt or media and start taking care of our environment by ourselves 🌿

  • Pradeepa P.
    18/07/2019 16:52

    Seeing the video felt really devastated but upon seeing the comments, I'm feeling hopeful that everyone understood that it's more of man's doing than of nature's.. We're bringing the destruction upon us !

  • Romi D.
    17/07/2019 16:29

    Why is everyone ignoring Assam which is also facing the same?

  • Kashif R.
    17/07/2019 09:25

    The country that spends 4200 Crores for building useless statues and 3000 Crores for a religious congregation... 😑

  • Gauravjeet B.
    16/07/2019 08:15

    What about Assam and its flood situation....almost entire state is submerged and u care about Mumbai flood?

  • Utpal N.
    15/07/2019 16:58

    Entire assam has been suffering, no web media or national media focusing the situation, sometime we feel are we INDIANS?? GIVE US FREEDOM, WE CAN BETTER HANDLE IT, YOU TAKE OIL, COAL, TEA, ELECTRICTY FROM ASSAM BUT IN BAD TIMES NO NATIONAL MEDIA OR SO CALLED PATRIOTS HAVE TIME TO REACT ON IT.

  • Manash R.
    15/07/2019 15:04

    This is not natural flood. Its man made flood. We get what we did. No regrets

  • J V.
    14/07/2019 13:08


  • Sanip M.
    13/07/2019 04:30

    Let's build 100% development of building kill all tress no ground water Dn wait for 50 yrs trust me destruction on it's half away

  • Soumak P.
    12/07/2019 10:56

    It's not only in Maharastra..come to Tripura and see the media have nothing to show about North East..

  • संध्या स.
    11/07/2019 15:43

    Feel bad for animals.....bcoz of human cause disturbance they suffer badly☹️☹️☹️

  • Kihoto J.
    11/07/2019 15:30

    Kill Christians again

  • Argha R.
    11/07/2019 15:05

    Global Warming 🇮🇳

  • Syed A.
    11/07/2019 12:37

    This is what “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas”. 🙊🙊🙊

  • Alisa D.
    11/07/2019 08:31

    Super power in rescue operation

  • Amresh N.
    10/07/2019 11:13

    Where was all the Media and People who are showing empathy and sympathy now ,Did they sleep ,While Odisha was Hit by Fani 😠

  • Anshul M.
    10/07/2019 05:55

    And people wants cities full of buildings and infrastructures...

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