Smriti Irani and Karan Johar On Media

Karan Johar and Smriti Irani spoke about a worrying strain in the Indian press years before news channels were accused of carrying out a media trial in the name of #JusticeForSSR. 👀

08/10/2020 7:21 AMupdated: 08/10/2020 10:39 AM
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  • Trishna T.
    23/12/2020 14:39

    We still support Arnab Goswami... he doesn't wear a mask like Karan Johar thankfully

  • Shulemin W.
    22/12/2020 09:41


  • Shamim M.
    21/12/2020 18:59

    she was on road at congress was ruling infia for hike in gas price hike, now in infia gad price is 800 she is inside parliament doibg nthing haaaaaaaa supporting BJP haaaaaaaa jai Hind

  • Geetha B.
    21/12/2020 13:05

    That’s it 🦶🏾🦶🏾🦶🏾 pack off kjo u asked for it ...🤣

  • Ranjana M.
    21/12/2020 11:36

    The entertainer with the entertainer . Useless

  • Aruna V.
    21/12/2020 10:44

    He does not have the right to talk about Arnab

  • Anil D.
    21/12/2020 09:24


  • Dipankar A.
    21/12/2020 08:30

    Two meaning less person

  • Sydney B.
    21/12/2020 07:49


  • Amreen S.
    21/12/2020 06:06

    Who is Karan Johar to interview her? I feel ministers these days have nothing to do with media n common people, they r scared of their genuine questions n they prefer answering framed questions by Bollywood celebrities.

  • Imran U.
    21/12/2020 02:31

    What does BJP IT CELL stand for ???

  • Krishna K.
    20/12/2020 19:02

    What sort of comment is it...! She feels it's unfortunate that media persons are biased and next comment is atleast they are coming with agenda is better than someone who tries to cover their bias.

  • Amar S.
    20/12/2020 18:59

    Both are mental and crazy crooks.

  • Adarsh S.
    20/12/2020 18:23

    Who gives a f about these to antics?

  • Abdul K.
    20/12/2020 17:04

    Subtly she agrees Arnab Goswami is biased and have an agenda during debates, he does journalism as a business.

  • Sulinder S.
    20/12/2020 16:59


  • Imran K.
    20/12/2020 16:22

    Pls irani tell about your degree

  • Sutapa H.
    20/12/2020 15:14

    India Supports Arnab Goswami.. INDIA hates Drugies,fakehood. India hates such insecure directors & producers those who sake hands with Antisocial Elements for funding their movies..Such people shd go behind the come he is roaming free. He is curse to d society😡😡😡😡

  • Harish M.
    20/12/2020 15:12

    Why are you showing the video of 2017 it's an old ...

  • Sutapa H.
    20/12/2020 15:06

    The Host is a clown..double standard mentality..he only believes in discrimination and favors only star kids..Indian Audience has boycotted him listening to him is just waste of time.

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