South Indians Wear Their Pride On Their Sleeve

South Indians just took over social media to make, literally, a fashion statement.

16/09/2020 4:55 PMupdated: 16/09/2020 4:56 PM
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  • Deyasini C.
    12/03/2021 09:31

    Hindi is spoken by largest population of India. Other than Tamilians nobody understands the difficult language. Hindi is commonly used for communication and not to take away cultural identity of local language. Why do Tamilians speak English then???? It's a foreign language!!!

  • Ejaz A.
    12/02/2021 20:00

    Hindi people always try to dominate so better to avoid Hindi

  • Rajeshwari B.
    02/02/2021 20:02

    I don't understand one simple thing we south Indians r saying we don't want Hindi has our 3rd language . We dint say we ll not use it when we need it .we r just saying don't force us to learn or write it. In this conversation lot of ppl bought Hindi and English fight in between . It better government do survey of whole India population and see which language can be spoken by everyone and make it official language. If result cums as English north Indians ll start arguing like us (south Indians). If the fight goes on like this oly English or Hindi finally our country will have two official language north Indian (Hindi) and south Indian (English) because we south Indian ll not except Hindi as official language and it's vise versa. We are filled with many multi languages let's go wit the flow . Particularly states can choose there language it maybe north or south. Stop fighting fr hindi and English. We where slaves fr English and now we don't wanna be salves fr and languages. Don't force us to learn and write if we really need it we ll learn tat particular language . We south Indian when we go to other states we try our best to learn the local language so I request all Indians which ever state ur try to learn tat particular local language Ty. If anyone offended by my words sorry it's my opinion.

  • See W.
    02/02/2021 15:28

    Tamil theriyathu

  • Adarsh D.
    02/02/2021 09:54

    Ok Dont speak Hindi.... learn all the state languages of India to communicate with people from other states ..... If you can't make it simple for your self then learn all the languages and make it easy for others

  • Sonee M.
    02/02/2021 09:35

    I am proud Marathi and I equally respect our National Language Hindi. If we can learn English because European countries are using it (and yeah, if you don't learn English not a single multinational company will hire you) then why can't we respect and learn our own National Language? Disrespecting National Language means Disrespecting our country. P.S. I was in Andhra Pradesh for 2 years and learnt Telugu, learning new language doesn't make you smaller, it will be always helpful for better communication.

  • Dev T.
    02/02/2021 07:13

    That's sad, you don't know a language out of the many,I know Hindi,Assamese,Nepali,English apart from my mother tongue and it's fantastic! Stop language politics!

  • Sangeetha S.
    02/02/2021 06:41

    If given an opportunity to work in Germany our people no matter from which state they belong will put all their efforts and learn the foreign language within 6 months. We Indians are blessed and talented.

  • Rohit M.
    02/02/2021 05:25

    बात हिंदी की हो रही है और एक ने भी हिंदी मे लिखने का कष्ट नही किया अजीब है ना🤔 (The British left (India), but left the English (culture) behind) अगर नही करना तो मत करो,

  • Rajnish K.
    02/02/2021 02:32

    We Indians have silently accepted English as the language to unite us and English has taken place as the mother tongue for next generation. Within 2 to 3 generation all Indian regional languages will be like Pali, Prakriti and Sanskrit of yesteryears.

  • Rasik V.
    02/02/2021 02:15

    & they write this on T-shirt in English...??? Any Logic?

  • Sheshadri P.
    01/02/2021 19:59

    Srilanka Singapore and Malaysia are few countries who speak and respect Tamil, you all should go there... They will respect you.. Learning hi Hindi or speaking Hindi, would be a positive or a grade more than other to you... But you fools don't understand.

  • Ashis K.
    01/02/2021 17:22

    This is the surest possible bullshit I always come across. Maratha for Marathi, Tamizan (Sorry if that word is wrong) for Tamil, Kannadiga for Kannada, Keralite for Malayalam..etc.. Blah blah blah... The list is long... . . Even Hindi is not my native language and NO.. !!!Nobody is out to replace your native language with Hindi. Stop being paranoid!!!

  • Arunima B.
    01/02/2021 15:22

    Hindi should never be imposed as national language . India has thousands of languages, so how do you just pick one of them and ask everyone to consider it as a national language .

  • Karan S.
    01/02/2021 14:45

    Using English to communicate that they don’t speak Hindi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Grand salute !!

  • Sanjay G.
    01/02/2021 11:09

    Hindi theriyathu da poda😎

  • Rashid A.
    01/02/2021 05:06

    Bro its same for Bangladesh Im from bangladesh but i dont speak bengali ! And officials slam us like as if we are traitor or something

  • Nayan R.
    01/02/2021 03:19

    Tamilnadu and Kerala walon bhot dikkat hoti hai hindi bolne main telangana and Andhra Pradesh ko nahi

  • Amartya K.
    01/02/2021 03:11

    Chill da... No one's keeping you at gunpoint for Hindi. (Don't count on it!)

  • Ganesh K.
    01/02/2021 03:01

    All the languages in our country are equal and wonderful in their own way . Languages cannot determine the nationality . Let's learn different language but avoid differentiating.