Staying Afloat In The Northeast by Abhineet Mishra

Stand-up comedian Abhineet Mishra rants about why India's northeast has to fight floods. Every. Single. Year. 🎤⚡️

18/07/2019 11:57 AM
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  • Lachungpa Y.
    15/07/2020 16:50

    listen to this.

  • Gaurav S.
    11/07/2020 13:46

    Last part of video 😮

  • Shazia S.
    09/07/2020 12:52


  • Rukmini U.
    08/07/2020 08:57

    Heart touching words sir! Yes everything you said is right.

  • Rama G.
    06/07/2020 22:24

    thought this was pretty powerful

  • Vinay I.
    05/07/2020 09:35

  • Ganesan A.
    04/07/2020 16:19

    I may be wrong, but some section of public are getting benefited by way of getting flood relief amount to state exchequer from central and it doesn't reach full amount to the ultimate sufferer. Some middlemen are earning a lot, YOY. If it's TRUE then these ultimate sufferer should neglect those middlemen and start working for more development in order not to face such difficulties from next year onwards.

  • محمد ر.
    04/07/2020 14:12

    If you need 100% original news then Indian stand-up comedians are farrrrrr better than Journalist of Hindustan . Paiso ke liye Zamir nahi mar na chahiye tha .

  • Anupam S.
    04/07/2020 12:24

    Media covers flood of mumbai each season..what difference it had made. Natural disasters can't be controlled by any govt. If only this idiot comedian could understand it. 🙄

  • Mayank R.
    04/07/2020 11:04


  • Sunita R.
    04/07/2020 09:31

    Very true

  • Rajarshi D.
    04/07/2020 04:58

    The floods in Assam are a business opportunity for few, it’s like a recurring investment that has paid over the years.. My state is flooded sometimes upto three times in the same year and this cycle is repeated year after year after year..

  • Anil K.
    04/07/2020 04:29

    have a look at this

  • Tenzing L.
    04/07/2020 04:23

    More Power to you ....

  • Abhishek P.
    04/07/2020 00:30


  • Rohit K.
    03/07/2020 18:32

    The answer for why news channels dont show reports about northeast is just because people here dont want their bad side to be shown so the people or govt here dont let news go outside the state until social media was there u would never know what are the happenings here in northeast and govt decides here which news should go outside the state And people who call themselves as local they support this propaganda though they are migrants too who support it but just because they look alike with the real local people so no one talks about it Bro i live in northeast and people here they dont want people to migrate here from other states of country but they can migrate! Whichever state they want my three generation have lived here still we are recognisend as outsiders as if people here live in different countries.. The only one thing i like about here is that the real locals whose ansisters are from here i wont tell the community name but they are very peacefull human beings and because of them ther is peace in my state...

  • Hemraj K.
    03/07/2020 17:11

    North east is not the only one place.. we have bihar and UP too..

  • Prachurjya D.
    03/07/2020 14:20

    So true.

  • Daisy S.
    03/07/2020 12:12

    Assam ke rain forest borbad ho jaye coal mining se , iha baghjan jal ke rakh ho jaye national media ko ghanta farq parta hain. Flood abhi v hain yaha. Hum dub rahe hain

  • Bamina V.
    03/07/2020 11:53

    Thanks you brother for your kind concerned

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