The Plight of India’s Captive Elephants

This tusker broke free and created quite a scene in Kerala — a reminder that India could be struggling to keep its 4,000 captive elephants happy. 🐘😞

01/05/2019 6:02 AM
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  • महेन्द्र द.
    28/06/2019 20:52

    All wrong information.There are few temple elephants,which are used for temple ceremony not for any other work.They are respected like God.You baffoons dont spread lies.

  • Sparsha R.
    16/06/2019 04:31

    Worst state of India...

  • Sarthak B.
    15/06/2019 01:24

    those keralites pelting stone at the elephant and that enrages him more ..... someone said kerala is the most literate state..seems he was most illiterate person 🤥

  • Aristide R.
    06/06/2019 09:04

    Elephant simulator.

  • Vijay V.
    02/06/2019 05:43

    Even Cow 🐄 also Admin

  • Ashish V.
    01/06/2019 18:15

    Good job,gajraj

  • Dasari S.
    01/06/2019 13:31

    Another pakistani channel. Targetting hindu traditions. Where the fuck are you? when thousands of cows killed and eaten by muslims.. According to hindu tradition, many animals are treated as gods. Show me one religion which does that. Why dont get your ass out of India and goto pakistan where you(animal) get treated well.

  • Pruthvi R.
    31/05/2019 21:18

    Lokesh Manohar

  • Manin B.
    31/05/2019 00:59

    Uska sosh khul gwya

  • Honey M.
    28/05/2019 05:51

    Animals place is in the jungle not in cities so plzzz leave them in there home dont torture them for earning money..

  • Karthik M.
    27/05/2019 05:11

  • Kiran A.
    26/05/2019 18:20

    Hindus must come together to stop exploiting elephants in the name of temples

  • Ulf K.
    26/05/2019 18:10

    Elephants are highly intelligent animals with an exceptionely good memory and a sensitive soul. They need to be treated with kindness and care. They are no machines. To me they are as wholy creatures as cows and all other animals created on earth.

  • Supriya J.
    25/05/2019 18:26

    Whatever you say, animals if God himself has made to live in forests on their own shouldn't be brought outside to show your devotion. You treat them good but they are still chained.. if they were in forests they would have freely roaming. They don't need your forceful love or care.

  • Shubham D.
    24/05/2019 18:19

    ,. , , .,. , ,,

  • Varierysiva
    24/05/2019 16:58


  • Delvin D.
    24/05/2019 16:06

    டேய் கார்ப்பரேட் செம்பு நக்கி உனக்கு அவ்ளோவ் அக்கறை இருந்த ஆப்பிரிக்கா நீர் எதுவும் இல்லை யானை செத்து கிட்டு இருக்குது உன் அக்கறை அங்க பொய் காட்டு இல்லுமனிட்டி கை கைகூலி

  • Delvin D.
    24/05/2019 16:04

    Illuminate agent peta first u target jallikattu now your in elephant wow good

  • Kalyankar M.
    24/05/2019 15:43

    Elephants are treated equally as god in India and Brut India should learn this. India got a dedicated festival for Elephant god. I think Brut India Doesn't know about this. Semi-literate

  • Vinod R.
    24/05/2019 14:16

    humans are becoming insensitive

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