These Indians Built A Park Just For Crows

Is one of India’s most common bird species on the decline? Residents of Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, think so.

10/10/2018 1:32 AM
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  • Anu G.
    05/12/2018 02:27

    Chetaz Nodi neevu kaage haarsi haarsi Henge aagide 🤣😜😜

  • Brittney H.
    26/11/2018 02:04


  • Vipul S.
    25/11/2018 04:21

    Mumbai se le jao crow yha bhut jyada h👍👍

  • Sriarun P.
    24/11/2018 16:53

    In chhattisgarh too....

  • Pratik R.
    24/11/2018 15:12


  • Sawan D.
    24/11/2018 09:28

    You guys have illegally used an excerpt from my Macher Jhol video in one of your features. I don't know what kind of ethics your "media company" deploys but this is a copyright infringement and an illegal act.

  • Sukhwant B.
    24/11/2018 06:59

    .thanks to Brut for taking up this topic

  • Sukhwant B.
    24/11/2018 06:58

    We rarely see sparrows crows and eagles nowadays. Miss them. I remember putting up bowls of water and food for them in our garden as a child and it was such a delight to see them flying about

  • Sunny G.
    24/11/2018 06:19

    I just wish bhagwan jaldi hi INSAN ko nature and animals ko khatam karne ki saza de 😑🙏🇮🇳

  • Roshni B.
    24/11/2018 06:03

    Ya these days we not find much sparrows and crows... Good initiative

  • Akif A.
    24/11/2018 06:01


  • Urfi J.
    24/11/2018 05:09

    Save sparrow instead 😏

  • Shivani S.
    24/11/2018 04:10

    bhai priyanka ko dikha dena

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