This Roti Dispenser Serves 2,000 People Every Day

1,000 rotis in one hour. This machine is helping feed more than 2,000 people in Kolkata every day. 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮😋

02/20/2019 1:19 PM
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  • Hemendra M.
    02/20/2019 13:22


  • RAvi D.
    02/20/2019 13:27

    This machine is now in every college hostel mess

  • Amit M.
    02/20/2019 13:28

    Great initiative

  • Akeel A.
    02/20/2019 13:29

    This is really appreciated! In fact if we were living in a Just Governance System, then it is no puzzle to accept that the Government can create a mechanism to provide bread/rotis to the citizens at a cost which is really really low about less than Rs.1/- per roti. But we live in a corrupt governance system where the government rots the wheat in their storage facilities and throws it in garbage rather than creating this mechanism of free/low cost rotis for all citizens.

  • Usha M.
    02/20/2019 13:31

    How to connect with you.. your contact no

  • Abhishek V.
    02/20/2019 13:34

    Which company makes this machine?

  • Manda P.
    02/20/2019 13:34

    We want in our Temple

  • Anil K.
    02/20/2019 13:37

    I am from Bangalore and also interested to joining with you .

  • Akhilendra S.
    02/20/2019 13:48

    Angad Yadav

  • Abhishek M.
    02/20/2019 13:51

    Great job.....Appreciate it 🙏

  • Babu P.
    02/20/2019 14:13

    I amp.s.prasad from andhrapradesh and also interested to joining with you .My mob no 9849825739 want to do same ..Give information

  • Jimmi N.
    02/20/2019 14:15

    If such social works are doing well.. Then what the hell.. All the sarkari schemes are doing on ground for so many years.. 🤔🤔

  • Gurvinder S.
    02/20/2019 14:20

    Can we buy from this Vendor? or is it just for their NGO -

  • Ruchismita P.
    02/20/2019 15:00

    wat about this

  • Nitish H.
    02/20/2019 15:14

    I Don't like roti that much. Much-vat (rice wish fish curry) is the only thing that satisfies me. And you can't do it in machine

  • Sriti K.
    02/20/2019 15:16

    This Kolkata NGO is doing wonderful service of feeding d underprivileged section of society...keep it up & God bless!

  • Hrishagni D.
    02/20/2019 15:28

    Wow wow wow.

  • Yafai
    02/20/2019 15:51


  • Rajesh R.
    02/20/2019 16:11

    Can anyone tell the website of this NGO

  • Zakaria N.
    02/20/2019 16:25

    I want to order one