Watch How An Wild Elephant Got Captured

Known for its notoriety, this elephant could be India’s most favourite wild elephant. 🐘

07/04/2019 8:03 AM
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  • अमोल प.
    29/04/2019 09:55

    If we keep jungles safe...stop cutting trees...than y would this beautiful beast raid crops...let them leave nature save elephant

  • Bagya L.
    27/04/2019 17:32

    Please leave him in forest...

  • Adarsh R.
    22/04/2019 12:58


  • Karthik J.
    21/04/2019 12:33

    He is not rogue.. He fought for his place, for his land.. Bloody humans occupied his place and call him as rogue, notorious.. 😠😠

  • Raj B.
    19/04/2019 13:11

    I belong to the same city where he was. He is not notorious, indeed he is the dearest to everyone in the​ locality. He came to the fields to eat crops but think why? He was born, wandered and lived in the same locality for years. It's his habitat. He might have come to the fields since his habitat and path might have been encroached. Chinna thambi's spouse and child elephant wandered in search of him for more than a week in search of him which filled everyone's eyes with tears. While he was ported from his habitat, he one of his trunk broke and there were plenty of pokes on his back by the other Kumki elephant. Think how it feels while you were been forcefully sent from the place you lived for years. World is not alone for humans. It is also reported by the locals that the main reason for Chinna thambi and Vinayaga(another elephant which was translocated few days before Chinna thambi) to be translocated was the pressure from the Brick manufacturing units in that area. There are numerous brick manufacturing units in that area where these two elephants paved as a hindrance to take the soil needed to make bricks because the area where the soil is taken is also an elephant corridor(as said by few inhabitants in that locality). He is so sweet that he never harmed anyone until now and he also made friends with the Kumki elephants which came to drive him after he re-entered​ into the another locality though he was captured and let into another forest. Since Chinna thambi became friends the Kumkis, it delayed the process of capturing him again. Even the forest officials and poeple started to love and admire him. He has lived for years with humans, he never harmed anyone. He is a always famous, not notorious.

  • Soumadeep D.
    15/04/2019 07:10

    Symbol of liberty..

  • Wincy J.
    12/04/2019 13:46

    We coimbatorians love chinna thambi alwz😍😍😍😍😍

  • Hiren P.
    12/04/2019 05:00

    If people have no problem, let him be free.. free him

  • Jai C.
    10/04/2019 08:43

    eager to see the latest photo of him ; Hope he is taken care well...officals must release photo or short video on how is the elephant...

  • Renjith R.
    10/04/2019 05:02

    Ass hole humans

  • Rangana C.
    09/04/2019 12:59

    This is not done.. It's cruelty.. Now a days Humanity is lost...I don't know what is Animals' Law regarding this issue; still It's sad to see that Elephant is chained instead of making him free in wild life sanctuary 🐘

  • Brut India
    09/04/2019 12:10

    “This is the best option for the elephant. It is semi-wild; it has lost 50% of its wild characteristics,” one Forest Department official has said.

  • Parshow J.
    09/04/2019 10:40

    Taming elephants should be banned. The torture the elephants go through their training period is not worth it. And its our encroachment of their habitat in the first place that led him to go for the crops. They deserve to live in the wild. He s Deserves freedom.

  • Prashanth V.
    08/04/2019 09:30

    People make good decision than court

  • Mo F.
    08/04/2019 05:39

    Fuck you, humans.

  • Sailee K.
    08/04/2019 04:14

    Where are the animal activists when we need them

  • Neel R.
    08/04/2019 00:54

    Relocate him to diff place some where deep in jungles. Let him be free. Hez supposed to be free not to made into kumki. He has destroyed only crops till now. While training he will turn more rouge and some lives may be lost. Let him go let him go

  • Yaiphaba C.
    07/04/2019 21:25

    As that villian in Matrix movie says, humans are like virus. They spread everywhere, encroached everything, own everything just to completely destroy it. Brothers and sisters we must know beautiful is brought by differences and uniqueness. If all men looked liked Brat Pitt and all women like Kylie Jenner, there couldn't be anything beautiful about mankind to appreciate. This also apply to our environment, we must appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of other species too. We don't owe everything.

  • Marine A.
    07/04/2019 16:33

    What does it mean to tame him? Anyone has info on what's next for him?

  • Praba K.
    07/04/2019 16:09

    This is because his habitat was encroached by Isha yoga center of Sadh Guru..

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