Watch This Family's Inspiring Journey With Autism

"Autism is not a disease, it's a different wiring of the brain." The Rodrigues family fought against social stigma, lack of infrastructure, and their own inhibitions to live loud and proud with autism today.

26/04/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Aliyah Z.
    29/04/2021 14:20

  • Aliyah Z.
    29/04/2021 14:20

  • Aliyah Z.
    29/04/2021 14:20

  • Raj S.
    28/04/2021 07:43

    You are great parents. Both your children are blessed to have both of you next to them.

  • Assumption R.
    28/04/2021 03:01

    God bless your family.

  • Joseph M.
    28/04/2021 00:17

    make sure they dont vaccinate your new born with HEPB vaccine. very unnecessary vaccine

  • Socorro V.
    27/04/2021 16:15

    A short and sweet episode but a lot of catch points. Eg. "Why me". Yes, it could or can be anione. But with Joanne and Brydan and with their parents, Janice and Bryan 100 pct support, they have moved way ahead in the developement of the two children. One step at a time. One day at a time. Superb and keep it up.

  • Julie R.
    27/04/2021 14:23

    Very inspiring. God bless them.

  • Netty D.
    27/04/2021 13:43

    God bless you

  • Raman R.
    27/04/2021 13:24

    Thank you

  • Varun R.
    27/04/2021 12:41

    So glad to see this. is also doing great work for children with special needs.

  • Navindu U.
    27/04/2021 09:08

    It takes a lot of courage and day to day efforts to create a perfect family environment to live a life with so much of achievements........congratulations to both the parents. As a part of society I accept your family as normal family dealing with there life issues..... I would surely love to meet you one day....

  • Archana S.
    27/04/2021 07:39

    Thanks for sharing your story.Its inspiring..

  • Manoj C.
    27/04/2021 02:43 Corona dont come to my house..Stay at home..Pls share this video & Subscribe the channel ..

  • Manoj C.
    27/04/2021 02:41 Corona corona dont come to my house ..Apple cofounder Steve Jobs' Last words..Watch & share this video ..Subscribe my youtube channel pls..Txs

  • Zakia A.
    26/04/2021 19:38

    I want to meet this family so that i can get some knowledge how to treat my grandson who is autistic, hyperactive and has speech delay

  • Saloni D.
    26/04/2021 19:08

    Hats off!!

  • Sangita G.
    26/04/2021 15:30

    God bless

  • Garima M.
    26/04/2021 15:02

    What an amazing job they're doing as parents, wish the best to their beautiful family :)

  • Kiran M.
    26/04/2021 14:11

    How they are getting cured from Autism ..

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