When India rescued a Pakistani student

This Pakistani student was all praises for India after she was rescued from Ukraine's Sumy. ❤️

09/03/2022 4:23 PM
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  • Yosuofzai Z.
    15/03/2022 13:03

    WhatsApp university sae giaan lene walo sansar hansta hae tum pae

  • Hente D.
    15/03/2022 08:50

    Be Proud India people. You're Govt. Is not like Ukraine and Poland.

  • Nandini N.
    15/03/2022 05:12

    Vote modi only , Don't vote tubelights.

  • Kuppusamy K.
    15/03/2022 02:45

    pakistaniyarkalum india mannin puthirikal thango...

  • Brut India
    14/03/2022 04:42

    Here's how the students left Sumy:

  • Daniel L.
    13/03/2022 19:29

    Liar media.just create conflicts between countries

  • Ali A.
    13/03/2022 11:05

    Both sides embassies help each others citizens 🙂

  • Hamza S.
    13/03/2022 10:14

    I heard some Indian students praise Pakistan embassy for helping them , its a good gesture from both sides .

  • Tausif A.
    13/03/2022 07:56

  • Ujjal L.
    12/03/2022 15:01

    What do we need more to be proud of ? 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

  • Nair S.
    12/03/2022 08:53


  • Ricky G.
    12/03/2022 04:04

    Good job. India and Pakistan were one many years ago. Let’s leave this stupid things aside and start respecting each other. We can do great things if we do things like this. May this kind of attitude continue between the next generation. 🙏❤️

  • ﹺ  .
    11/03/2022 18:11

    Why brut not making video about one Pakistan boy who helped around 2000 INDIAN citizen in Ukraine

  • Muhammad A.
    11/03/2022 17:37 Pakistani Embassy did the same. Ofcourse we won't hear about it in the Indian media. Goes to show we can live together in peace IF our politicians and media allow it

  • Apurba M.
    11/03/2022 16:54

    mera desh❤

  • Faraz F.
    11/03/2022 16:37

    Can u pls share/show Khan bhai efforts/story how he evacuated nearly 3000 India students from UKrain? SOS India pls speak now.

  • Mahesh Y.
    11/03/2022 16:33

    Sab ko dhanywaad

  • Sanjay T.
    11/03/2022 16:28

    My regret in these testing times India , Pakistan , Nepal , and Bangladesh should have worked Jointly ....demonstrating to the Ghoras log that we can work together !

  • Hussain M.
    11/03/2022 14:59

    She had a American accent ? 🤔 Anyway people in the comments need to be humble and Remember that their are still many Indian students stuck in Ukraine, many being kicked and pushed and many of them also condemning the bjp government for insufficient help .

  • Gyaneshwar Y.
    11/03/2022 14:55

    Finally Baap he kaam aaya.... Ukraine ko v jaldi smj lena chahiye ye baat.... Russia will stop war

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