Why Omicron Isn’t The “Mild Variant”

“I have seen places where the entire department is positive.” Tanmay Motiwala from AIIMS is one of countless doctors who have tested Covid-positive recently. He told Brut why Omicron should not be categorised as mild.

12/01/2022 3:12 PMupdated: 12/01/2022 11:41 PM
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  • Jul M.
    7 days

    We can't avoid going out in this mixed accommodation household. Very unrealistic.

  • Shammi A.
    19/01/2022 01:40

  • Smruti R.
    18/01/2022 03:54

    Stop spreading unnecessary panic among common people. I know you are paid but livelihoods are getting destroyed in the name of glorified cold. Stop this BS. Don't tell us your FAKE made up story how it nearly killed you.

  • Eva P.
    17/01/2022 10:55


  • Muskan M.
    16/01/2022 15:41

    Rabb sab nu is cheej to dur rakhio

  • Rahul V.
    16/01/2022 13:17

    Ya ya let's not take omnicron lightly, let's not try to improve immunity, let's forget to live the daily life (it's been 3 years), let's close down everything, let's kill the vendors and businesses, let the poor starve to death and let only rich and privileged run the planet.

  • Elena M.
    16/01/2022 11:31

    Cold flu wake up fools

  • Amrita S.
    16/01/2022 09:27

    Brut India your only work is to spread hatred among communities and spread fear among citizens Pls once try to make a positive journalism

  • Shantonu D.
    16/01/2022 09:24

    Earlier also during viral fever there used to be severe weakness, bodyache and in some cases pneumonia also. Let us treat this wave of covid as earlier pre covid days . Let normal life continue. Enough of fear spreading.!!! Protocols r causing more harm then the disease itself.

  • Aditya B.
    16/01/2022 00:05

    Sitting at home and not going out? Last i checked people have jobs and need to eat. And if not going out actually worked like the government did to us in the first wave, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  • Nch P.
    15/01/2022 20:03

    If it’s really that deadly you don’t have to shout around , it will b visible dumbass 💩

  • Nagaraja B.
    15/01/2022 19:26

    The problem with me is that i can sit and work from home but the environment in my house is such that i am forced to go out even though it's not necessary

  • Jatee D.
    15/01/2022 15:24

    If it's a Brut video it has to be fearsome full of hatred biased spreding negativity and chaos.. Even if the content is true .. But if it's Brut video not trustworthy...

  • Yash K.
    15/01/2022 13:49


  • Debayan M.
    15/01/2022 11:26

    Then why spain said this endemic? Where they had thousands of cases per day. Are they stupid that they had announced no mask and vaccine mandate? They said covid is just like flu we have to live with this forever.

  • Pitam B.
    15/01/2022 10:23

    ..ata dekho

  • Shashank R.
    15/01/2022 09:35

    your only work is to spread hatred among communities and spread fear among citizens Pls once try to make a positive journalism

  • Koyal G.
    15/01/2022 07:24


  • Sarita U.
    14/01/2022 22:57

    This is because greedy people are allowing only allopaths to treat.preventive medications are not encouraged.train talented people to do atleast something to nip in bud.dont put fear in us.we can handle omicron easily by ourselves.

  • Mansi R.
    14/01/2022 19:13

    I was sitting home and it still found it’s way to me. This is no joke and it’s certainly not mild. I have continued head aches and I’m fatigued all the time. No body part feels normal. Even breathing has become a task.

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