22 Years Since India's Historic Nuclear Test

India's Pokhran II nuclear tests changed its international image forever. They were led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee who had been re-elected prime minister only a few months prior. Here he is visiting the famous test site that India still remembers him for. #tbt

23/07/2020 3:27 PM
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  • Ajit T.
    28/07/2020 05:37

    Chal chu***

  • Jaswant S.
    26/07/2020 10:52

    Atal was good man and sober but present man from gujrat is............. fillin the blank. He put the country on sale. He brought lotous cracy and hatred.

  • Akhil A.
    25/07/2020 06:50

    One leader who took such a bold step inspite stifff resistance for m Usa and one leader spends 100 crore just to satsfy ego and bow down to Trump

  • Terry S.
    25/07/2020 06:42

    He was a great pm - for the whole country

  • Sen G.
    24/07/2020 18:58

    The man who doesn't need any introduction. Best prime minister of this country ever. I wish individuals like you and our beloved president Mr. Apj Abdul Kalam comes soon.

  • KS M.
    24/07/2020 16:42

    The villagers protest is real compared to the other where only young naive girls holding banner. Look like they are paid to be there

  • Aslam S.
    24/07/2020 07:10

    It's our right to defend our nation by any means why should we care about US or any other countries

  • Anuradha A.
    24/07/2020 02:57

    What to think of that. Mujhe matt batao attitude. I m super se bhi uparrrr

  • Mujahid A.
    23/07/2020 23:31

    be like, remember what it was like have a great BJP leader? No not this fake ass chaiwalla, the other great BJP leader. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Raj S.
    23/07/2020 16:28

    Western attitude always has been we can do what we want nobody has the right to interfere in our affairs but we can interfere in everybody’s affairs.

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