India's Trailblazing Online Educator

She left a fancy IT job to help students with maths through online videos. Today, she has 1 million + subscribers. Meet one of India's pioneering YouTubers.

17/08/2020 5:27 AMupdated: 17/08/2020 9:28 AM
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  • Murtaza K.
    04/09/2020 22:00

    Professor Proton of India...❤️

  • Mona K.
    31/08/2020 08:09

    She is great,her videos help my daughter a lot

  • Sudhir A.
    21/08/2020 20:10

    Why free? She can charge reasonably because free things are not valued.

  • Geeta J.
    20/08/2020 19:46

    What is the name of her channel

  • Mee M.
    20/08/2020 19:36

    suscribe to her channel

  • Rao S.
    20/08/2020 16:01

    Not Examfear education...exam fear free education 😂😂

  • Vishal S.
    19/08/2020 10:31

    Kudos to her! There are people who are using technology to build nations. Then there is our Govt who is using technology to divide the people and destroy social and moral fabric of the nation.

  • Deepak M.
    18/08/2020 23:20

    Brut India pls. Cover this story ब्राह्मण पड़ोसन का दलित पर अत्याचार देखिए : नैनिताल के विजय कुमार टमटा ने ब्राह्मणों के मोहल्ले में 30 लाख में प्लॉट खरीदा था लेकिन पड़ोसन गुड्डी पांडेय एक दलित को वहां रहने नहीं दे रही। देखें चौंकाने वाला वीडियो वीडियो देखें - Subscribe The Shudra

  • Ankita G.
    18/08/2020 20:32

    wow ❤️ extraordinary 🙏🏾

  • Aravind K.
    18/08/2020 19:01

    Unacademy will buy her out now. Gosh these education aggregators are predators. Hopefully she should retain her unique identity and protect her channel.

  • Sudha K.
    18/08/2020 09:08

    My son with autism understood the concepts through your videos esp physics, an ardent user of ExamFear. God bless you !

  • Abhishek B.
    17/08/2020 16:07

    Fancy and IT job didn't go together

  • Patricia C.
    17/08/2020 11:50

    Wish I would have. a teacher like her she’s amazing!

  • Ismail S.
    17/08/2020 08:17

    More power to you ma'am 😃🙂

  • Dhananjay R.
    17/08/2020 07:48

    Great Work, Extraordinary Madam.Keep it up

  • Priya K.
    17/08/2020 07:18

    Deepika could be you

  • Amaan S.
    17/08/2020 07:16

    Extra Ordinary...

  • Munir H.
    17/08/2020 06:40

    Another distinguished teacher is Dr.Neela Bakore mam.She is amazing in teaching biology and biochemistry.

  • Ashwini R.
    17/08/2020 06:34


  • Pandit H.
    17/08/2020 06:20

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