• Prachiti M.
    06/02/2018 03:00

    u shud watch it it is nice

  • Satya P.
    22/01/2018 16:19

    Baahubali is a Telugu movie

  • Gomitre G.
    18/01/2018 08:00

    This is when you apply the Sanskrit and Tamil epics together 🙏🏾💪🏾 Y'all fighting when if you analyse the movie you'll see his armour appears like that of Karan's, his story begins like that of Krishna's being carried in the waters Mixed with Greco and roman battle styles, this is simply one of rather greatest movies I've ever seen that I'll say in the future coming the industry will challenge the idiocy of Bollywood movies nowadays (no proper storyline to movies, making movies for the sake of it), and challenging Hollywood. If Bollywood could work on their history and portrait their history through epics - damn y'all stop bickering against each other and will appreciate your community in awe. If y'all set up a crowd fund together - you will be able to achieve this idea and challenge the western movies 💪🏾💯 Peace love unity 🙏🏾🕉

  • Abishek A.
    14/01/2018 07:34

    Lmao. If Somthn good is done by Bollywood ,then Hindi cinema is amazing. If somthn good is done by som other region, then Indian cinema is amazing 😂

  • Jayankar S.
    13/01/2018 14:55

    Siddharth Ambavat Shivi Mehra

  • Mahesh M.
    13/01/2018 07:21

    Fuck u chutiya. Whenever Your bollywood film is make records, u fucking chutiyas take whole credits to bollywood and barks at south or Telugu films.. Now when we fucked ur records, u guys talking it's A Indian cenema ?? U chutiya Pornwood AKA bollywood Hindhi chutiyas.. its a pure Telugu film BC 🖕🖕😏😏

  • Sreejesh B.
    09/01/2018 16:39

    States the fact that Bollywood is garbage period

  • Cvs S.
    08/01/2018 16:17

    Bollywood got pissed off. It's a tollywood Telugu film and dubbed in Hindi and other languages. Karan johar wants to show this movie to all indians so he decide to make famous in Bollywood too and he promoted the film. In Bollywood it's all about business most actors cannot dedicate this much time like prabhas did only few in Bollywood who can give that much time to make good movies.

  • Chad D.
    30/12/2017 22:23

    Laws of physics still don't apply in indian cinema.one thing that I will never understand

  • Kashyap V.
    26/12/2017 10:45

    Vihar Bharadwaj

  • Deep D.
    24/12/2017 10:11

    Ritu Uplap

  • Haritha M.
    24/12/2017 00:11


  • Veera S.
    23/12/2017 13:00

    Not dubbed in Tamil.. its MADE in Tamil and Telugu.. many dialogues were influenced from Tamil version.

  • Sanjeev J.
    22/12/2017 17:41

    this is what Indians googled this year most

  • Shobha C.
    22/12/2017 15:51

    This movie really good I like

  • Krishna D.
    22/12/2017 12:28

    Krishna Vamsi

  • Krishna K.
    22/12/2017 12:08

    You people underestimate Telugu people and Telugu movies and when bahuballi......makes an world record then you people come to say it is Indian film.....asamed on you....

  • Shivam D.
    22/12/2017 07:14

    I luv south films

  • Subrahmanyam P.
    22/12/2017 07:08

    That is Telugu film stamina

  • Michael R.
    22/12/2017 01:18

    It's Prabhas and Rajamouli team film 😎🤣😂

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