The evolution of the Bond girl

From an object of desire to “someone who kicks ass” ... Here’s how the Bond girl became more than a love interest to agent 007...

08/10/2021 12:32


  • Chitresh P.
    16/10/2021 15:12

    And you forgot Michelle Yeoh , who incidentally, happens to be the most kick ass bond girl before the current one.

  • Vishal S.
    16/10/2021 14:50

    Is pe research ho rahi hain. I m shocked.

  • Umair A.
    16/10/2021 09:34

    🔴 Kal ek bhakt is photo ka meme bana ker is Aurat ko Sonia Gandhi bata raha tha😂😂

  • Rohit K.
    16/10/2021 08:42

    I see no problem in romantic scenes done with women of Colour ...Why aren't they seductive enough to satisfy our libido ?? I find every woman attractive 😍

  • Dante-Raquel C.
    09/10/2021 00:02


  • Hélène M.
    08/10/2021 19:12

    Ursula Andres please. You mixed them up!!!