TikToker shares her life from the South Pole

She's one of the few women currently living at the South Pole. Toni Traub is sharing what it's like working in the coldest and driest place on the planet...

28/10/2021 19:58


  • Dee C.
    19 horas

    santa ? North Pole

  • Halëy P.
    3 días

    Does anyone know her TikTok? So interesting!

  • Eileen G.
    3 días

    Santa...North Pole. Kids these days. 🤗

  • Jazmyn N.
    3 días

    Was there right before the pandemic doing research with my professor. We took a boat but that Drakes passage was no joke 🤢

  • Kaye C.
    09/01/2022 17:12

    Why is it so cold there?

  • Yuvraj S.
    08/01/2022 13:18

    What about captain Harpreet chandi Who trekked south pole on her own Please show her achievement as well

  • Aaron S.
    08/01/2022 00:27

    No kidding Santa is at the North Pole

  • Vishali S.
    08/01/2022 00:24

    Thanks for sharing this nice video

  • Lucky J.
    06/01/2022 15:13

    You guys are literaly have a cool job down there

  • Kingston T.
    02/01/2022 10:22

    Would love to work there

  • Danny O.
    28/12/2021 00:29

    I wanna work there!

  • Norbert G.
    01/12/2021 07:41

    a different job opportunity 😑🤔

  • Apoeso G.
    01/12/2021 01:24

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  • Susy T.
    30/11/2021 16:01

    do you want to apply?

  • Jazz M.
    30/11/2021 08:24

    Wow! I respect and admire them all. Don't know if i could live there.

  • Comfo T.
    30/11/2021 07:42

    Just imagine how they're coping

  • Randall M.
    30/11/2021 06:34


  • Utkalika M.
    24/11/2021 18:01

    idhar chalein?

  • Thomas K.
    23/11/2021 13:36

    No south pole is real.

  • Ormat Y.
    22/11/2021 11:08

    if i wud live there maybe im DEAD IN JUST 30MINS HAHAHA ITS HOT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY...