Brexit is not the priority for young people in the UK


Brexit is not the priority for young people in the UK, according to this youth campaigner. Here is what is:

Liam Gallagher, 10 years after the big break up


"I think we should still be together, we'd make good albums." 10 years after the acrimonious split, Liam Gallagher tells Brut what really happened.

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Boris on Brexit, backwards


Watch Boris Johnson's astonishing transformation over Brexit... in reverse. 😲

Usain Bolt's 5 biggest life moments


He wanted to be a cricketer- but decided to try out track and field. Just one of @usainbolt's 5 most life-changing moments.

Pup saved from rubble in Syria reunited with Soldier


“I feel like it may come across that I saved Barrie’s life, but I feel like she saved mine.” After seven months apart, this soldier and the pup he saved have finally been reunited. Here is their story. 🐶💕

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José Morales and the unique craft of "popotillo"


"Without love, without enjoyment, it’s going to be really hard to get ahead." His grandfather taught him everything, and he is one of the only artisans in Mexico to craft "popotillo". Here is José Morales' story.

MS-13, one of the most dangerous gangs in America


They are one of the most dangerous gangs in the US. Their motto? “Kill, rape, control.”

What is WWOOFing?


Travelling the world and helping out on organic farms at the same time is called WWOOFing, and this is how it works:

How to swallow swords


"When you start puking blood... by that point it's too late." Here's why Heather Burns sticks swords down her throat for the titillation of strangers. 😭

Pop'n'Olly's Solution to Homophobia


"All we have to do is include story books that feature the characters." This is Pop'n'Olly's simple suggestion for teaching LGBT+ issues at primary level.

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