Boris Johnson in 2013 #tbt

Boris Johnson on French TV in 2013: "There's a bigger chance that I get beheaded by a frisbee than becoming Prime Minister." 2019 : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #tbt

She fights for fun, but also to live

"They always tell us to never give up because we represent the future." This is how a boxing club in one of Venezuela's most dangerous neighbourhoods is helping this teenage girl fight her way to a better life.

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The French queen of modular drones

She's an inspiration to electronic music producers- and all those determined to forge their own path. This is how @eliane.radigue became a sound revolutionary.

The rise of Boris Johnson

Hair like a haystack, a background in light entertainment television and a long history of controversy. It's not the US President but Boris Johnson. This is his story.

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Hoverboard man at Bastille Day

France revealed this eyepopping addition to its military on Bastille Day- but who is this hovering hero? 👀

Paul McCartney Throwback

Remember when Paul McCartney was busted for cannabis possession while on holiday in Barbados? This was his anti-drugs message to the press. 😉 #tbt

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She's the first woman of colour to take the 007 codename

Lashana Lynch is to star in the next James Bond film- as agent 007. Here are 3 other women of colour who managed to shake and stir this famously macho franchise. 🍸👙💪🏿🇬🇧

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Kit Harington gives advice to aspiring actors

A few words of wisdom from Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) for young people aspiring to become actors.

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Decode: Cricket victory nothing to do with Europe?

England won the cricket world cup. @JacobReesMogg says it shows the country doesn’t need Europe to succeed. Is he right?

Initiatives to stop sexual harassment at music festivals

Has sexual harassment become a part of festival life? These three countries are making big changes.