Food waste? There's an app for that

"We throw away a third of all food produced." This company's application offers a solution to the issue, and promises bargains for its hungry users. 🤤

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Brexit: What's next?

Brexit is confusing. Here’s our explanation of what happens next, in under a minute.

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Female MPs get less speaking time in parliament

Not only are female MPs underrepresented in the UK Parliament, but they get less speaking time. Frances Scott from 50:50 Parliament explains why:

Uri Geller aims to solve Brexit with his magic powers

Uri Geller has been drawing on his paranormal powers to stop Brexit. This is how he plans to get a second referendum, by controlling Theresa May's mind.

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War grinds on in Yemen

A child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen, where war continues to ravage the country. This Yemeni NGO worker explains the situation from her first-hand experience, calling on countries to stop feeding the conflict with arms sales.

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Nicolas Winding Refn on streaming

"It's like having sex. You can have it all different kinds of ways but it's still going to be fun." Nicolas Winding Refn told Brut his thoughts on exploring our new digital world.

What does it mean to be flexitarian?

Trying to eat less meat and fish? Maybe you're a flexitarian. 🍏 🍗

Rugby captain with one arm

He was born without a right forearm, but it didn't stop him captaining an able-bodied rugby team. 🏉

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Theresa May vs. Theresa May

From strength to desperation? This is what almost 3 years of Brexit have done to Theresa May.

Menstrual cup for women with limited access to clean water

When they menstruate, millions of women across the world risk infection and disease due to lack of clean water. This student's invention could help them.

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