"Follow your instinct. You know yourself best." Here's what Charli XCX told Brut about how the music industry treats gender equality- and also some advice for younger artists on how to navigate it.

13/10/2019 11:39
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  • Lee T.
    23/09/2019 20:22

    Blue Peter badge for Charlie xcx

  • Sunil D.
    23/09/2019 20:18

    Same old story. I loved female fronted bands, women who played guitars especially, Louise Wener from Sleeper, L7, The Breeders, Tanya Donelly, Sheryl Crow... All talented all players, performers, writers, all in a music scene doninated by blokes. No out of the box stuff there. A following is not a fanbase

  • Peter K.
    23/09/2019 19:11

    Shes not that famous because she's not that good

  • Samuel C.
    23/09/2019 17:03

    Sounds like she a bit high 😂

  • James W.
    23/09/2019 12:33

    I'd like to know when people with actual musical talent will be represented in the industry. Musician equality, not just what the big record companies think will sell.

  • Paige C.
    23/09/2019 12:22

    do u know this person?

  • Jam F.
    23/09/2019 11:07

    you can tell here

  • Rachelle G.
    23/09/2019 06:58


  • Jenna L.
    22/09/2019 21:27

    TRUE ... every interview I've done recently...goes somewhat like this . Loving the new album ...who produces you ME who writes with you Me who engineers you ohh that' would be Me.

  • Kieran H.
    22/09/2019 21:14

    Any examples?

  • David C.
    22/09/2019 18:31


  • Shanaya S.
    22/09/2019 14:55


  • Michael W.
    21/09/2019 22:51

    gender equlity in the music is an ongoing conversation even tho most of top chart hits are female artist and most of the top songwriters are females... yeah, bnloody brilliant you down trodden woman of the 2000's maybe go read about what it was like for thos ladies back in the 50's and 60's and then maybe stfu and appreciate what they did for women, you have everything you can ever want

  • Ernesto G.
    21/09/2019 19:25

    I love listening to her talk I mean I can understand what she's saying but it's such an attractive accent it's really nice

  • Peter A.
    21/09/2019 18:15

    poor victim, nobody thinks she can do anything. Well you go gal, show them what you got, write that song, write that book, make that movie, win that election.

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