Adam Pearson on disability rights and social media

His condition lead to harassment throughout his life. But Adam Pearson has a simple solution to combat discrimination…

03/07/2019 16:27
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  • Jake G.
    06/07/2019 09:52

    I never knew an aftershave could make a video about disabilities.

  • Scott S.
    06/07/2019 09:57

    What a cool guy ✌🏻👌🏻

  • Kimmy A.
    06/07/2019 10:26

    Why do people have to be assholes, its not gonna hurt to be nice and have a bit of compassion. Everybody is different, making fun of people for their difference is low scummish behaviour and I look down on people like this. Stop being shallow people, Karma has a nasty way of bringing unwelcome surprises

  • Brett H.
    06/07/2019 12:08

    Well considering a fair few of my friends know him and like him, it indicates he’s a pretty nice dude therefore anyone who takes the piss out of him are just massive cock wombles

  • Malcolm J.
    06/07/2019 12:23

    Saw him in Under the skin with Scarlett Johansson. Great actor .

  • Motiwor R.
    06/07/2019 12:44

    Wow he looks cool like one of those animated movie characters!! I wanna be his freind :3

  • Alan S.
    06/07/2019 14:53

    Adam Pearson is a fucking legend. And if people laugh at anyone when they don’t know or understand the story, then they’re the worst form of humanity. Adam Pearson, I salute you sir and you’re one cool motherfucker.

  • Lucie B.
    06/07/2019 15:27

    good luck

  • Donna L.
    06/07/2019 16:09

    Man is a legend

  • Matt J.
    06/07/2019 16:47

    Seems like a nice bloke. Would like to go for a beer with him.

  • Georgia P.
    06/07/2019 16:54

  • Chloe G.
    06/07/2019 17:39

    such a shame mun😢❤️

  • Matthew R.
    06/07/2019 19:59

    James Baldry Clark

  • Christian S.
    06/07/2019 20:15

    Brave man ❤️

  • Joe S.
    06/07/2019 21:37

    Fletcher Brown that’s not real

  • David T.
    06/07/2019 21:38

    That’s me a minute ago on snapchat

  • Lexi R.
    06/07/2019 21:53

    Kel Riley

  • Jack W.
    06/07/2019 22:07

    your mate

  • Reece M.
    06/07/2019 22:12

    Looking good

  • Barry R.
    06/07/2019 22:40

    Love him ❤️