British army recruiting young people

The British army’s new ad campaign calls on “snowflakes” and “me me me millennials” to enlist, but this is why their chosen target group is at risk…

08/01/2019 10:26
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  • Sam J.
    10/01/2019 19:01

    Matty Pill

  • Tom B.
    10/01/2019 20:19

    Martha Mawby this is disappointing

  • Billy H.
    10/01/2019 20:25

    Brut is about as reliable a news source as a KGB funded story on gays having sex with Donald trump

  • Ian H.
    10/01/2019 20:27

    The guy that said “milenials useless” is probly a milenial himself, anyone 1980-1996 is a milenial😂

  • Alex M.
    10/01/2019 22:23

    proves how bad the military treats young people, a hostile environment to us young

  • Deanna J.
    10/01/2019 22:58

    this is what I’m on about

  • Potter R.
    10/01/2019 23:23

    What’s this got to do with cheap deodorant?

  • Ellie H.
    11/01/2019 01:28

    so 16 year olds aren’t allowed to vote cause they are too young but can go to war?? 👀🙃 though u would find this interesting x

  • Sarah E.
    11/01/2019 01:34

    Why are all the clips of ‘soldiers’ marching actually the RAF? 😂

  • Neil C.
    11/01/2019 06:46

    There will always be snowflakes looking to blame everyone else for there weak minds. Just except your a snowflake and live with it. Not everyone else's fault, just 👊

  • Lucy N.
    11/01/2019 09:06

    this is it

  • Thomas J.
    11/01/2019 09:14

    Why couldn't 2012 have just killed us all

  • Kathryn B.
    11/01/2019 09:14

    , .

  • Thomas N.
    11/01/2019 10:13

    Kid Plays Xbox Marine: "aaaw mate hes got stamina he as. I won the VC and done 3 tours but i got nuffin on 16 year old Jake who can't pass his GCSEs"

  • Shannon M.
    11/01/2019 10:21


  • Alec T.
    11/01/2019 10:48

    This is ridiculous cause they are given a purpose, a sense of belonging, discipline, life lessons on how to take care of them selves and depending on what part of the military they go a trade in mechanics, cooking, carpentry, engineering, and isn’t one of the biggest Problems in that generation is that more and more of them are depressed cause they have no sense of self-worth or belonging so why wasn’t any of that put into it ????? And that study doesn’t say them numbers are for all 16-22 year olds or just the ones that serve

  • Amy T.
    11/01/2019 11:07

    this is what you were talking about

  • Margaret M.
    11/01/2019 11:29

    Don't join the forces especially the Army it will suck the life put of you and bleed you dry it's biggest mistake my husband and his friends did thank God has out away from it cause it nearly killed him mentally and it physically damaged him for rest of his life due to spinal injury which they screw him over as well as he was ment to get med discharge but army lost the paper work so husband had to leave on his own accord as his mental state couldn't cope waiting longer which they knew x

  • Adam C.
    11/01/2019 15:24

    you seen this horseshit I've given up 😂😂

  • Maria S.
    11/01/2019 15:45

    Did I just read zombies 😱😱😱 do they want zombies in the army