• Levi B.
    20/03/2019 19:26

    we was talking about this the other day how long Barbies Been our for

  • Shaunna E.
    20/03/2019 08:39

    My barbies boyfriend was an action man 🤣 would not have a Ken! He looked to weak 😂😂

  • Amira-Jolie R.
    19/03/2019 22:04

    My mum and I don’t do barbie stuff. Although the first dolls with the normal body and normal face look really nice

  • India N.
    19/03/2019 20:13

    Thin Jupp you need any of this ?

  • Kimberley A.
    19/03/2019 18:00

    Poor Barbie gets all the complaints 😂😂 what about Ken!! Never liked that pretty boy blonde look 😜😂