Gretha Thunberg at World Economic Forum

Practising what she preaches, teen activist Greta Thunberg travelled 32 hours by train to speak to world leaders at the World Economic Forum about climate change. Here is her message. 🚆🌎

24/01/2019 17:04updated: 07/03/2019 14:38
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  • Shireen A.
    30/01/2019 17:13

    Go girl, don´t stop now, eventually some will listen to you, proude to be a Swed/Sri-Lankan.

  • Evelyn P.
    28/01/2019 16:26

    A brave young lady who stands for what she believes in

  • Jackie C.
    27/01/2019 01:42

    Greta you are a good person and so worried about our planet earth

  • Florin B.
    26/01/2019 22:58

    You are the next generetion take on your hand the future

  • Florencia A.
    26/01/2019 21:12

    So much respect! Thanks Greta! <3

  • Ilo C.
    26/01/2019 17:26


  • Haydu E.
    26/01/2019 07:13

    Jó látni, hogy vannak ilyen elhivatott fiatalok!!! 🤗

  • Bryan A.
    26/01/2019 07:09

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  • Bryan D.
    26/01/2019 01:06

    Well said only like to fill there pockets

  • Peter M.
    25/01/2019 18:24


  • Koszev P.
    25/01/2019 16:40

    This is child abuse...

  • Mihai R.
    25/01/2019 15:39

    Don't be scared of being unpopular, sweaty. Shortest and fastest and safest way to stop global warming: stop immigration, once in the West any human consumes much more from the Earth's finite resources.

  • Lauren A.
    25/01/2019 14:18

    Jules Gmz tellement inspirante cette petite 🙌🏼

  • Denver C.
    25/01/2019 14:18

    She seems cold

  • Dominic V.
    25/01/2019 13:47

    Exactly, well said! First we need to start contributing at individual level!

  • Ibb D.
    25/01/2019 13:30


  • Toni F.
    25/01/2019 13:24

    In Sweden there are much more serious problems affecting in the present time young swedish girls like her.

  • Nick v.
    25/01/2019 12:37

    Go girl !

  • Catarina C.
    25/01/2019 12:28

    God bless her! Planes nowadays use palm oil!

  • Gunnar P.
    25/01/2019 12:14

    svo slæmt

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