Naming laws around the world

If I wanted to name my child, would there be any restrictions around the world? 🤔

17/03/2019 13:03
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  • Dawn J.
    26/03/2019 08:41

    My patient, a newborn was named Vaginae. " Its French!" Really lady??

  • Omar F.
    25/03/2019 22:49

    okay so you're annoyed that Germany prevent you from naming your child a a female name for a boy?😂

  • Vanessa K.
    25/03/2019 22:36

    That you have to have gendered names in Germany is not entirely true. You can have a universal first name but the second should indicate a gender. This is because the addressing is much more formal in Germany and there is no gender neutral word for that.

  • Ash R.
    25/03/2019 17:28

    Anyone who thinks the government should be able to tell you what you can or can't name your kid must not love freedom. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of names I don't like but why should the government get to decide that? That's insane.

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