Naming laws around the world

If I wanted to name my child, would there be any restrictions around the world? 🤔

17/03/2019 13:03
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  • Dawn J.
    26/03/2019 08:41

    My patient, a newborn was named Vaginae. " Its French!" Really lady??

  • Omar F.
    25/03/2019 22:49

    okay so you're annoyed that Germany prevent you from naming your child a a female name for a boy?😂

  • Vanessa K.
    25/03/2019 22:36

    That you have to have gendered names in Germany is not entirely true. You can have a universal first name but the second should indicate a gender. This is because the addressing is much more formal in Germany and there is no gender neutral word for that.

  • Manca P.
    22/03/2019 22:15

    we don’t have to worry 😂😂😂

  • Cașir V.
    22/03/2019 20:57

    In Romania, the gipsys name theyr children Mercedes BMW Ronaldo Ronaldinho Messi Audi, Jose Armando or even Nokia, Samsung etc. and all this names can be for only one child. They can have up to 10 names for one child.

  • Agnieszka K.
    21/03/2019 13:27

    That is why in UK you have most ridiculous names. Abcde? Really

  • Arcangela G.
    21/03/2019 09:01


  • Maruxa C.
    20/03/2019 22:54

    In Spain it can be a name in Spanish or any other oficial language , or foreighner if it has not translation in Spanish .It can be also an invented name , but it can't harm or cause prejudice to the kid or have derogatory meaning .

  • Ciprian S.
    20/03/2019 13:29


  • Luke C.
    19/03/2019 18:17

    we’re moving to iceland

  • Orsolya G.
    19/03/2019 09:34

    In Hungary you can only choose a name from the national register, where the names are or Hungarian names, or foreign names with Hungarian fonetics (like Dzsásztin instead of Justin). There is a different list for boys' and girls' names. The list is updated every month and individual requests are also considered.

  • Ivy M.
    19/03/2019 07:43

    They should have include Bosnia (Republic of Serbs). Baby names should be fit for Cyrillic writing and you only have few names to consider, that’s why mostly here have repetitive names.

  • Sachesky D.
    19/03/2019 06:06

    In Venezuela there is even a: Winniethepooh José, there are: Usnavy, Superman, Batman, etc, etc!!

  • Michelle Y.
    17/03/2019 14:09


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