These animals are black because of melanism

Black panthers are actually leopards. Their only difference: they have melanism.

09/06/2018 09:03


  • Alvin W.
    14/01/2019 15:56

    How bout pink panther

  • Shruti S.
    14/01/2019 14:03

    Even jaguars born black are called panthers

  • Ibraheem B.
    14/01/2019 13:57

    that's racist

  • Skippy L.
    14/01/2019 13:08

    Strange, human are the same! Haha

  • Yvonne D.
    14/01/2019 12:24

    Lots of black squirrels to be seen wild in as diverse places as Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK and Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

  • Paula A.
    14/01/2019 08:12

    Does it also happen in humans? Because albinism does...

  • Katie D.
    14/01/2019 08:02

    this explains the black squirrels at Woburn a bit better got ya 🐿

  • Lena D.
    14/01/2019 07:58

    Wait, was that guy carrying around a Komodo dragon? WTF.

  • John R.
    14/01/2019 07:50


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