Tusk takes Brexiters to task

"Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn't it?" Brexit supporters are outraged by this offhand comment from the President of the European Council.

07/02/2019 14:43updated: 07/02/2019 18:29
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  • Jay A.
    24/02/2019 12:10

    Easy way to get from A - B is a straight line Roll on 29th Independence Day

  • Ernie C.
    16/02/2019 09:19

    Tusk the Tosser.He can see all that lovely money disappearing,as will the rest of the EU.

  • Mami S.
    15/02/2019 10:16

    He is right only Fake news They told people

  • Peter H.
    14/02/2019 15:05

    You silly Englishmen! You reap what you sow, now deal with it

  • Reda H.
    11/02/2019 20:05

    , we may include that comic video in our p.p

  • Fiorella C.
    11/02/2019 05:53

    Funny, they use only the first words, and forgot to quote when he said "without sketch of a plan without how to carried it safety". Keep missinforming.

  • Hans-Ulrich U.
    11/02/2019 01:23

    G russ R atlose O brigkeit S tock S chwuler B riten R ekord I st T atsache A berglaube N ützt I m E ndefekt N ichts

  • Emmanuel M.
    10/02/2019 18:44

    Tories are so sensitive these days. Poor you, shall I remember you that I was insulted so many times after the referendum because I was French. How many times, I was told to go back home. So many times the daily mail called the EU a Nazi regime but that is ok.😃

  • Audrey R.
    09/02/2019 18:55

    ur govt is just great

  • Isis K.
    08/02/2019 16:01

    I’m going to stop apologizing for stuff and just say this instead

  • Nina F.
    08/02/2019 15:58

    hahahahahhahahahahaha wie geil.

  • Ricardo N.
    08/02/2019 15:42

    Gotta love them Scots.

  • Martina S.
    08/02/2019 15:37

    basta voglio entrare a far parte del parlamento inglese

  • Michele S.
    08/02/2019 15:24

    wait for it

  • Chris V.
    08/02/2019 15:07

    Incorrect quote indeed

  • Peter H.
    08/02/2019 15:02

    He's not wrong though....

  • Gianmarco A.
    08/02/2019 14:58

    Yeah, the news reached the British parliament - where hundreds of UNELECTED and UNVOTED-FOR toffs and useless people sit as politicians in the House of Lords - guiding and taking decisions on the destiny of YOUR country. Some democracy !

  • Michael B.
    08/02/2019 14:54

    Hold on. It was a pro EU neo-liberal that called a referendum. David Cameron. It was a largely pro EU parliament that voted for the bill calling that referendum. So it was thier duty of office to commission Whitehall to draw up plans as to what to do if they lost the referendum. The EU also should have draw up plans as to what to do if the UK voted to leave. None of them did. Why? I think it's the same reason the referendum was lost. Arrogance. And this man has that in spades.

  • Miguel A.
    08/02/2019 14:47

    Special combo: ❄️ + 🤥

  • David C.
    08/02/2019 14:27

    isto é só genial

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