Britain appoints Minister of Loneliness

Isolation can truly be a silent killer, and that's why the government just appointed the first-ever Minister of Loneliness

22/01/2018 20:58updated: 24/08/2020 12:32
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  • Salvatore L.
    11/03/2019 22:37

    We need one of these in Australia.......

  • Andria S.
    19/02/2018 10:45


  • Mahmood H.
    23/01/2018 19:19

    It's a vicious cycle in the west. Where parents throw their young teenagers out of the house to work and pay rent for themselves. Then when the parents get old their own children, who now are all grown up and have a family of their own won't look after their parents in old age. This issue must first be addressed when looking at loneliness for elderly people.

  • Susan C.
    23/01/2018 07:21

    I would like to help

  • Frankie D.
    22/01/2018 23:21

    I'd visit all those old people

  • Angel G.
    22/01/2018 22:59

    everything you ever wanted x

  • Kath W.
    22/01/2018 19:35

    I am discussed with this government how they are treating old people and cancelling appointment on the day they are due

  • Solomon I.
    22/01/2018 19:09

    If we could all realised that we one big family . no elderly person will have to fill alone.

  • Sally T.
    22/01/2018 17:46

    if i knew there was someone lonely near me i,d go see them is there any way of fnding out

  • Kimberley T.
    22/01/2018 16:09

    There's a few schemes that get old people and nursery kids mixing that's supposed to be really beneficial for both the kids and the oldies 💕💕💕💕 maybe more if that would be a start x

  • Rhiannon S.
    22/01/2018 12:17

    This really gets to me because this scares me too 😔�ns

  • Carole U.
    22/01/2018 09:42

    What a load of crap , how much is she getting paid ? There’s no money for the nhs but they can pay her to do very little

  • Doreen V.
    22/01/2018 06:55

    What is she doing to do arrange more lunch clubs which her Government closed from lack of money.It will not happen.

  • Pat P.
    22/01/2018 06:28

    Tory government kill all services

  • Nikki B.
    21/01/2018 23:40

    breaks my heart

  • Louise C.
    21/01/2018 22:25

    the minister of loneliness help

  • Claudio A.
    21/01/2018 22:01

    So sad but it is true 😥😧

  • Rita T.
    21/01/2018 17:03

    Your company would be welcomed by so many.If you're serious about wanting to help,make enquiries through Help the aged.

  • Preston H.
    21/01/2018 17:02

    loneliness minister?? shouldn't there be at least two?

  • Michael D.
    21/01/2018 10:58

    What a ridiculous job title ‘minister of loneliness’ more stupid bureaucracy, when actually it take a little bit of humanity, selflessness and community to help each other out, not giving someone a title, a 50% wage increase and to pay a government body to tackle such a problem, when actually it take a bit of common sense! the problem lies within the community, money that was ripped out of local areas has not been reinvested back into the community!

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