Is it legal for the UK to make people stateless?

Shamima Begum has been stripped of her UK citizenship. But is it legal for the government to leave her stateless?

25/02/2019 17:04updated: 25/02/2019 18:15
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  • Brandon M.
    25/02/2019 17:18

    That's what she deserves,her child doesn't but thats her own doing. She's not sorry for actions and not bothered that an Isis member killed innocent children at the Manchester arena.Let her Rot I say

  • Ell S.
    25/02/2019 18:01

    You betrayed and throw your country like a garbage and now you want your country to take you. Such foolishness.

  • Vytas S.
    25/02/2019 18:37

    Democracy is good ✌️✌️

  • Jason M.
    25/02/2019 19:11

    No threat other than I was a member of isis 😂😂😂😂😂🙈

  • Janis G.
    25/02/2019 20:01


  • Okey A.
    25/02/2019 20:21

    She should go back to her father's country of origin

  • Galilea S.
    25/02/2019 20:31

    yooo. Es parecido a lo que estábamos hablando el otro día de ese documental

  • Ahmed M.
    25/02/2019 20:39

    She's not dangerous at all , she's just a member of Isis 😂.

  • Chell S.
    25/02/2019 20:40

    She deserves nothing

  • Ajility B.
    25/02/2019 20:44

    So stupid....I care less😡😡😡😡

  • Callum W.
    25/02/2019 20:59

    Shoot her and the baby

  • Νίκος Μ.
    25/02/2019 21:07

    "They have no proof that I'm threat, other than that I was in ISIS" Eeerrr... Care to elaborate on that?

  • Lizzie D.
    25/02/2019 21:10

    She doesn't come across as she done wrong she isn't bothered and not convincing no one she isn't a threat to us. She should Rot where she is she is a killer and she planning to kill us all sje ain't going to change once a killer always a killer

  • Besnik C.
    25/02/2019 21:11

    Yes it is legal!!! And because im boring to write every paragraph of the English laws and or any other country laws im more than happy to show you what books to read!!! IF SHE DONT GET STRIPPED OF HER CITIZENSHIP THEN EVERYONE WILL USE THAT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT TO ANY CASE NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • Praveen D.
    25/02/2019 21:32

    That's a class standup comedy , well done Shamima u makes the whole world laugh.

  • Giakoumidakis A.
    25/02/2019 21:45

    The awkward moment at the end of the video when a human rights statement is presented to support a potential terrorist(if not an active one).

  • Najlaâ A.
    25/02/2019 21:48

    I know you have to be braindead in order to be part of Isis but jeez she on another level of oblivion and stupidity

  • Yehang A.
    25/02/2019 21:50

    Why is she trying to be here...? Is it because your caliphat is doomed? You enjoyed innocents peoples pain...and now you and IS lost everything you want to be here. You are not welcome.

  • Yehang A.
    25/02/2019 21:51

    Human right act must be redefined.

  • Samuel O.
    25/02/2019 21:55

    I’m not support her action but the outcome will be different if she’s white young girl, simple.