Migrateful's Jess Thompson talks about refugee cookery classes

She's empowering migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with food and cooking. This is why Jess Thompson decided to launch Migrateful. 🍽💪

11/12/2018 13:03
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  • David C.
    13/12/2018 20:17

    Load of shite

  • Cassidy T.
    13/12/2018 20:30

    Bless you. You are doing an amazing job.

  • Will C.
    13/12/2018 21:12

    give the homeless in ditr a sense of community somehow?

  • Ali B.
    13/12/2018 22:06


  • Mccall J.
    13/12/2018 23:08

    Try helping those who are living on the streets in the UK first

  • Jamie W.
    14/12/2018 10:19

    Help your own first

  • Francis K.
    14/12/2018 22:06

    Stupid woman.

  • Abdul K.
    15/12/2018 14:27

    What a lovely and inspirational idea

  • Joe C.
    15/12/2018 15:09

    "help your own first" says the people who probably don't donate to British based charities, don't volunteer at homeless shelters, donate to the homeless or give them food. So easy to talk shit when you're not the one doing the work isn't it🤷

  • Rob H.
    16/12/2018 15:43

    Well done Jess, what a fantastic idea. Great to hear your passion, and see your creative energy in action.

  • Brandon G.
    16/12/2018 15:51


  • Maddy S.
    25/12/2018 00:52

    Jess thompson is her name like your sister