Munroe Bergdorf on TERFs and anti-trans hate crimes

"I need wider society to start doing their job." As a public figure, Munroe Bergdorf has had her fair share of anti-trans harassment. Here, she explains why the UK is riddled with transphobia:

19/09/2019 17:27
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  • Shawn F.
    20/09/2019 06:13

    No it’s not a genocide it’s what your born with. Did you ever think the women in that changing room you walk into feel uncomfortable? They deserve their own space also.

  • Holden M.
    22/09/2019 06:14

    Accusations of hate are too often specious. And yes Bergdorf has indulged in hate speech by saying * all *white people are racist . The PC motto is ' be careful with words' - but when its proponents slack chat invidiously against straight /white/ men - straight men who dont wear dresses, that is , given the defence of the transgender ideology hoax - they say people should know they " dont mean ALL " . Except Bergdorff * did * mean all that time : Theres a bad case of the twig and the plank in the eye in the PC view . ~ Gender neutral pronouns and titles need to be commonplace to stop giving this biological aspect of ourselves - using the terms that denote our potential role in procreation - *undue* relevance : it's often not much more relevant than our blood type day to day . If you are in the * presence * of someone and occasion arises to refer to them in 3rd person eg when in convo with another person - it's no hassle to use prefered pronouns * socially * - but shouldnt be mandatory except certain situations eg workplace - if the person has gender dysphoria : if they passed as the opp sex you' d be none the wiser it was the wrong pronoun - but a gn term should be commonplace for all ; until a better one is established , the word ' they ' suffices . ~ We do not identify as a gender : we are * identifiable* as one or other based on objective criteria according to the understanding of the human procreation process. The word gender which simply means 'type' or 'kind' : there are all types or kinds of everything - but has been used to refer to connotations of biological sex defined as binary based simply on the scientific understanding of the human procreation process . Drilling down into biology to prove transgenderism simply proves we are individuals ! our own names accomodate for thst . We can all demonstrate whats defined as fem and masc qualities or tastes in different ways to differing degrees - so we are all 'gender non binary ' - and liable to be subject to judgment about not being 'wo/ manly ' . Gender dysphorics are ' loading' the terms wo/ man , fe/ male - reacting self-consciously against these because paranoia about the social connotations : therein lies a mentsl illness issue . Indeed they are reinforcing gender stereotypes by wanting to be IDENTIFIED as the opposite sex to justify their gender non conformity in whatever way. The egg sperm factor is the * reference point * - implicating the apt genitals to facilitate the process - for assignation and nomenclature : intersex people are *between* the two genders - whatever variation of intersex - and has been deemed a fault and so-called corrective procedures carried out on people tragically without their consent. And unless you want your " own " children or the condition has implications on health - no, it isnt a problem . We can all be unhappy with *any* of our body parts . Transpeople are just that by the very fact of transitioning: addressing them by their preferred pronoun * socially * is generally not problematic . Do what feels right for you - including modifying your body * when old enough * - whatever turns you on. But it wont change the opinion of those who think its wrong : invoking a bio argument - eg trans part of the brain - likewise with the gay gene theory , such people will say its a defect find a cure. They simply need to research how to mind their own business. Fact of life - 'You csnt please all the people all the time'- including how we feel about ourselves . There might be a combo of bio factors that mean it makes sense to a person to modify themselves genderwise - who knows ? But the influence of societal factors cant be extricated , so some might make decisions they regret: it's not the answer to their problem. The finer point to matter of TERFs objecting to gender self id would relate to men who want to be identified as women but still have their male genitals being naked in womens communal changing rooms The feminist defence of women only spaces is underpinned by the notion that men are ever and the only threat to women - putting the spin on any stats that men commit most sex crimes against women to imply that *most* men commit these ; propogating the thinking that an offence is automatically worse because a penis is used or when its commited while a person has one So the reasoning is *already offensively prejudiced * against men - but no one objects to that anti- men attitude which gets expressed in blatant invidious terms . Know that male gender dysphorics are not all homosexusl So its a terrific audacity to expect straight men to support other straight men who have their male genitsls but wanting to be identified as women having access to women only spaces - when the rationale for the segregation is based on genitals . Gender is about a 'feeling ' ? men who dont want to change gender * identity * dont ' feel ' like being demonised. To address the matter in a GENUINE non sexist way, lets design such spaces toilets changing rooms prisons - to afford individual privacy / safety - without implying assumptions about either gender. The fundamental problem is we often give * undue * relevance to gender in many situations which hassles us all in some way . Its often no more relevsnt than our blood group in general life. If its not important to record a persons gender on a form don't record it for anyone . A decent gender neutral singular pronoun/ genderless titles would be useful generally. To be clear it is the threat to intellectual integrity that the PC TG ideology pose with its oxymoronic absurd claims which means it must be called out for the TERRIBLE HOAX it is .

  • Taylor-Campbell G.
    22/09/2019 06:40

    Not the face of trans activism that speaks positively to the mainstream.

  • Simon V.
    22/09/2019 07:03

    The UK is not transphobic. Society is run for the majority. A decent society has consideration for minorities. Unfortunately, the in current climate many minorities simultaneously demand to be both equal and special. You can't be both. Body dysmorphia is a condition about which we should promote compassion and consideration, but that's it. Demanding that the norms and conventions of society should change to accommodate such a tiny minority is ludicrous. Identity politics is killing society. You're different, that's it. Not special.

  • Brandon S.
    22/09/2019 07:07

    This person a joke. They are pre OP and want everyone to make more of a commitment to trans nonsense than they do themselves. A spoilt middle class idiot with a sense of entitlement does not give credibility to any argument.

  • James F.
    22/09/2019 09:46

    Stay out of women's toilets

  • Alice K.
    22/09/2019 10:08

    Stop lying. Look, Stonewall has made the trans umbrella so wide that cross dressers are now 'trans' so it is entirely disingenuous to say that 'cis' men aren't taking advantage of this. 'Cis' men are trans... if they say they are, even if it's for two days a week like Pippa Bunce or if they just say so like Alex Drummond. Haven't you noticed how many sex offenders just decide they are 'trans women' immediately after getting a conviction or are already in prison? This is nuts. Of course it is affecting women's rights.

  • Jordan S.
    22/09/2019 10:33

    She’s the LAST person who is entitled to campaign for equal rights for minorities.

  • Andrea M.
    22/09/2019 11:10


  • Liam S.
    22/09/2019 13:31

    Oh fir Fuchs sake ! The world doesn’t revolve around trannies !!!!

  • Alan '.
    22/09/2019 14:51

    Iv seen her before. Is she the lass who got shut down on Good Morning Brit for her bad views?

  • Saddique A.
    22/09/2019 14:54

    If the minority gets the rights the majority will suffer as always why we able humans have to put up with it we didn't have any part in you creation put the argument with you creator everyone's different not one person is a like on the planet

  • Jen G.
    22/09/2019 14:58

    The law is being misrepresented, transwomen are not entitled to use any female only spaces, we do not have self-ID in law. The Equality Act allows for female only spaces and services even when someone has a Gender Recognition Certificate.

  • Nick G.
    22/09/2019 15:11

    Quite simply suppression of freedom of speech

  • Matthew W.
    22/09/2019 15:40

    Disgusting, honestly. Why should it be anyone else's issue if they want to be male or female. As long as they're confident, it shouldn't matter. They know that if there is a God out there, they've sinned, but like me, I'm gay. I know Religions believe I've sinned or whatever, but that's an issue for me, one I'm happy to live with.

  • Jen G.
    22/09/2019 16:25

    There is no evidence that women and girls no longer need female only spaces...they were created for very good reason. There is a lot of evidence of assaults against and secret camera spying on women and girls, especially in mixed sex spaces, which are increasing across the country. Reporting and recording crimes according to a person's gender identity has been happening since 2010 and is skewing statistics and public perspective.

  • Rachel B.
    22/09/2019 16:46

    Hey, Brut? Terf is a slur Even if MB used it, as an aspiring news source, you shouldn’t.

  • Jon C.
    22/09/2019 17:04

    Isn’t she the racist?

  • Melanie B.
    22/09/2019 18:12

    is this satire? I just watched it without sound - looked that way.

  • Tracie F.
    22/09/2019 19:05

    Vile misogynist.