Tessa Ganserer is Germany's first trans politician

"I didn't choose to be a woman." This German MP recently came out as transgender on her Facebook page and shortly after, gave this powerful speech.

18/01/2019 15:04updated: 07/03/2019 14:35
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  • Ethan D.
    27/01/2019 01:48

    She highkey seems like a decoy for anti trans people

  • Boasy J.
    23/01/2019 16:23

    It’s not a fad we shall see

  • Maria K.
    21/01/2019 06:54

    is she your mp?

  • Jonny S.
    20/01/2019 23:03

    No shade but burn that wig and throw it in the sea ✋🏼

  • Lor G.
    20/01/2019 22:51

    Hey people ragging on her wig; do you know how much full lace fronts cost? A lot of trans people at the beginning of their transition can’t afford/can’t get access to them, you have no idea what is going on in her life. She’s living her truth, let’s be proud of her for that and stop picking her apart, yeah?

  • Dani-ann A.
    20/01/2019 22:44

    Why change the law though? It's clearly a mental health issue, so therapy can only help. It certainly can't hinder.

  • Alex E.
    20/01/2019 22:37


  • Jefferson F.
    20/01/2019 22:14


  • Sarah W.
    20/01/2019 21:56

    To the laughing and angry faces on here. I wish you more love, compassion and understanding on your fellow person regardless of trans status or gender or sexuality.

  • Steph B.
    20/01/2019 20:25

    Such a brave thing to come out and say, sending her every happiness in the world xx

  • Jim D.
    20/01/2019 19:55

    Great to see. But surely as a member of the Bundestag given the salary she can buy a better wig. Or is it from the Donald J Trump collection?

  • Marika G.
    20/01/2019 19:15

    I'm really glad for her 😊😊 but I think since she's in her early transitioning stage cause she reminds me of Jean Claude Van Dam. However when she finishes transitioning I think she'll look absolutely gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Carina T.
    20/01/2019 18:35

    is das wirklich passiert? 😯😯

  • Mark G.
    20/01/2019 17:53

    In the words of Shania Twain. Man I feel like a woman.

  • Michael J.
    20/01/2019 17:09

    Trans gender then trans age trans age, legitimate paedophilia. That’s where this leads! How can someone be so self righteous that they think nature can make a mistake? 😂 metal health needs treating not encouraging. Sorry I don’t hate anyone but these people need help they don’t need everyone else to live in their mystical fairy world.

  • Declan M.
    20/01/2019 16:29

    💙💙 Maybe politics is changing for the better 💙💙

  • Darren G.
    20/01/2019 16:22

    Well done very brave lady wish her all the luck loverly story x x

  • Linda T.
    20/01/2019 15:11

    Congratulations honey 👍

  • Avril M.
    20/01/2019 13:43

    Good on you

  • Annmarie O.
    20/01/2019 12:59