Tessa Ganserer is Germany's first trans politician

"I didn't choose to be a woman." This German MP recently came out as transgender on her Facebook page and shortly after, gave this powerful speech.

18/01/2019 15:04updated: 07/03/2019 14:35
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  • Rich S.
    09/02/2019 03:24

    That's terrifying

  • Katheryn W.
    26/01/2019 09:45

    Omg ! So many worried about her hair lol 😆 are we right here ....

  • Masoumeh F.
    26/01/2019 06:09

    Why people laugh of him, he looks like Melania hairs without conditioner lol... tell me Trump have a nice hair ? 🙄

  • Shaun C.
    26/01/2019 02:42

    I said that with a BRISTISH accent in mind. Lol

  • Aaron B.
    26/01/2019 00:28

    You ain’t fooling me Melania Trump. I know that’s you!

  • David A.
    24/01/2019 16:49

    He could have at least softened his voice for the role

  • Mark L.
    24/01/2019 11:47

    Sweet jesus

  • Frances J.
    23/01/2019 22:24

    hmmm the wig needs to go... just grow your hair naturally.. it will make you look better.. 😊

  • Hunter D.
    23/01/2019 22:01

    Least america isnt the only one

  • Randy K.
    23/01/2019 21:00

    and if someone wants to identify as a dog ..change the a frog...

  • Bahar S.
    23/01/2019 20:19

    Man puts wig 🤔

  • Anna S.
    23/01/2019 18:18

    Just a man in a wig 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Gina L.
    23/01/2019 17:36

    There is biological sex and there is the social construct “gender”. You, man, are a man in every fiber of you, a man that thinks about himself that he is a woman. It is not in every fiber of you that you are a woman, your own DNA proves it. It is just in your mind, in your belief. And you cannot impose your beliefes to me. Just dressing as a bear for a costum party doesn’t make you a bear. So you, dear tolerant man, in order to provide yourself what you imagine and desire to be, you deny to real women the right of being called, for real, women. But nowadays it became a trend: you wanna secure your job or you want to grow on a scale or just make yourself known as an artist or politician?Embrace the LGBT agenda. The easiest? You can say you are bi, no one could ever confute you are saying that just to get a front seat. If you are afraid the truth would come out as people see you all the time only dating opposite sex, well ... just tell them that they probably just missed noticing 4 days ago when you had a date with same sex person. Truth doesn’t exist anymore. And what are we concerned about? The quality of the wig. Just great!

  • Jim B.
    23/01/2019 15:46

    At lease they want to serve their country unlike bone spur Trump !!

  • Quentin F.
    23/01/2019 15:43

    amélie mauresmo en germanique

  • Greg B.
    23/01/2019 15:38

    Still a man

  • Jul I.
    23/01/2019 15:19


  • Haadi B.
    23/01/2019 15:04

    Transgenders are mental. They have mental problem. Give proper treatment to them, they will live a better life. It's scientifically proven they have mental illness. Muslim countries do not have any transgenders.why? Because there is a strict rules and regulations. The same should be applied to the Western world. Or else let's face the consequences

  • Elizabeth C.
    23/01/2019 13:58

    How scary! To be trans and a transwoman at that. Not that trans men don't face great risks of violence, just the historical use of violence against women to put them in their place and remind them they're nothing. What a brave soul she has.

  • Mohsin G.
    23/01/2019 13:49

    God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

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