The Ancient Inks You Can Also Get

Magical powers, healing properties, markers for the afterlife... these are the legends around ancient tribal tattoos. And you can get one too. 🤯

27/11/2021 16:27
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  • Hervé F.
    27/11/2021 20:20

    Beautiful tatoos. I hope the tradition, the spirituality will stay alive.

  • Sam X.
    27/11/2021 18:57

    Incredibly spiritual... beautiful Artistic talent

  • Brut India
    27/11/2021 08:04

    Women of the Kutia Kondh tribe of Orissa, called the ‘the people of the spirit world,’ ink themselves with beautiful geometric facial tattoos; it is said these identifying marks ensure they recognize each other once they enter the spirit world. Read more about the stories that shape this ancient art:

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