The life of Dr. Anthony Fauci

He’s the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, has served under six presidents, and is now advising the nation on the coronavirus pandemic. This is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Humble beginnings

Dr. Anthony Fauci was born on December 24, 1940 in Brooklyn. The grandson of Italian immigrants, he grew up in an apartment above his father’s pharmacy and used to deliver prescriptions to customers. He attended the Regis High School,a prestigious Jesuit school in Manhattan. At 26, he received his first M.D. from Cornell Medical College –ranking first in his class. In 1969, he joined the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – NIAID. In the early 1980s, he was at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic. In 1984, he was appointed director of the NIAID. As the point man on the AIDS epidemic for the Reagan administration, he came under attack from AIDS activists. After meeting with patients and activists, he streamlined the process for testing new drugs and successfully lobbied the FDA to make AIDS drugs more widely available.

After the 2001 anthrax attacks in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, he helped drive the development of biodefense drugs and vaccines. He was an architect of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, started in 2003 by President George W. Bush, to fight H.I.V. globally. His work has earned him 39 honorary doctoral degrees from universities around the world. Most days, he runs or power walks 3.5 miles — and he even completed a marathon in 3 hours 37 minutes. In 2008, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for his work in advancing HIV/AIDS research.

Where is he now?

He has been at the forefront of U.S. efforts to contend with viral diseases like SARS, the 2009 swine flu pandemic, MERS, and Ebola. Since January 2020, he’s been a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. At 79, he has emerged as the most trusted public official during the coronavirus outbreak and grabbed headlines by publicly bucking Trump’s talking points.


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  • Amy H.
    09/10/2020 21:53

    Excellent - thank you

  • Pajo Y.
    26/09/2020 07:44

    He even looks sly, part of New World Order team of crooks! If he has so much expertise, why is he campaigning for a vaccine, when there is no proper vaccines for most things! Big pharma advocate.

  • Mark B.
    25/09/2020 08:30

    Who are the true scientists , the ones making millions of dollars ,like Bill Gates , Fauci, or is it the ones who they wont put in front of the camera ,or interview on mainstream media .because I have seen plenty of QUALIFIED ,FULLY TRAINED specialists saying this virus is not even close to percentage of death rates by car accidents. Something is NOT right. I will also say I am starting to think ,who should we believe , fauci or the scientists who they wont put on tv ...know what i mean

  • Virgilio C.
    24/09/2020 19:59

    Fauci is 100% certified and documented brilliant. What a shame Republicans are so stupid they cannot comprehend. Nothing as Stupid as a Republican.

  • JD D.
    24/09/2020 19:22

    Another politician. If not, why the post. Is he fixing to run for a democrap office position?

  • Terry A.
    24/09/2020 14:25

    He is part of the swamp that Trump was elected to drain.

  • Ariff B.
    24/09/2020 03:40

    Usa are so lucky to have him...but they dont know that..

  • Bernd S.
    24/09/2020 03:34

    Vote this incredible clown out. November.

  • Ken K.
    23/09/2020 19:55

    Do homework

  • Ken K.
    23/09/2020 19:55

    Fake Democratic doc

  • Miriam C.
    23/09/2020 17:17

    Excellent report!

  • Ken K.
    23/09/2020 16:31

    The President Is Way Ahead Of Your Curve Pal

  • Hardi K.
    23/09/2020 11:13

    An honourable American Patriot 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • Heinz F.
    23/09/2020 10:13

    45 honorary doctoral degrees ...

  • Jackie T.
    23/09/2020 09:11

    He started the virus dirty lying scum bag him and gates should be in jail

  • Anthony R.
    23/09/2020 08:58

    He handed over the 4.4 million gates gave him to pay for the lab in china..witch it was created in...and the woman who created it for the is walking around america with a smile from ear to ear...and they blame china for wat they done how come none of these people were never arrested and even questioned over it

  • Rahel C.
    23/09/2020 05:10

    Let’s listen to this man, the seasoned expert in infectious diseases instead of the buffoon in the White House.

  • David D.
    23/09/2020 03:24

    I’ll be honest and consistent Dr. Fauci! 🖕

  • June J.
    22/09/2020 20:33

    Liar🖕🏻 karma has a special hell waiting for you😡

  • Ann B.
    22/09/2020 20:27

    Luv him

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