Where is Mark Zuckerberg?

“The problem is Facebook.” Mark Zuckerberg didn’t show up to an unprecedented international inquiry into fake news and misinformation at the UK Parliament, while leaders from 8 countries did. And they were furious about it.

28/11/2018 18:27


  • Dave M.
    29/11/2018 22:46

    Who really cares about fake news? If we are not big or clever enough to work out what is real news any more, then there is not much hope for the human race............. I don't blame Mark Zuckerberg for not turning up - The problem is not facebook!

  • Christopher T.
    29/11/2018 19:50

    His shtyle is unblockable

  • Jane A.
    28/11/2018 18:57

    Perhaps it's time to boycott facebook!