You can taste insects at the Parisian restaurant

From cricket steaks to mealworm pasta, this French restaurants serves the best you can eat when it comes to insects. The best part? It could contribute to saving the world...

02/10/2019 10:19
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  • Emil L.
    4 days

    This people very sick 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Lindsay H.
    4 days


  • Lindsy M.
    4 days


  • Mike K.
    4 days

    Could start another Coronavirus

  • John P.
    4 days

    This will be an important part of our future .

  • Matthias J.
    5 days

    , , , We need this so next time we won’t but baits.?

  • Paul H.
    6 days

    what about some fresh bat shit to garnish it all :)

  • Doug J.
    6 days

    That's why we are in the shit we are in what's wrong with normal ffs

  • Stephen B.
    6 days

    What’s next bat soup? Oh no we did that already & look how that turned out 😡

  • Elizabeth B.
    7 days

    If we were meant to eat bugs we would have been spiders

  • Pincino M.
    26/03/2020 03:19

    Yeh until covid 19 jumps to insects!

  • Lewis D.
    25/03/2020 21:30

    I'm not eating bugs

  • Neil B.
    25/03/2020 00:36

    Fuck off your getting like them other cunts

  • Luke S.
    24/03/2020 23:42

    Hes definitely killed someone

  • Lynda W.
    24/03/2020 15:49

    They will be passing on viruses next

  • Micheal C.
    24/03/2020 14:28

    tried them in Thailand bit crunchy nothing great

  • Aaron P.
    22/03/2020 10:56

    I wonder how vegans would feel 🤔

  • Lorraine D.
    21/03/2020 15:29


  • Sadia A.
    21/03/2020 12:37

    Haven't we learned enough from China? After this Corona virus are we hoping for other virus from eating insects? For heaven's sake please do not put yourself in risk. We had seen videos about Chines people eating different animals which may have been the cause of coved 19. I hope we all learned a lesson from Wuhan.😡

  • Aaron T.
    20/03/2020 18:18

    That's literally the food of my gecko wtf