Jimmy Durmaz hits back after death threats and racist remarks

He was threatened and racially abused after making a mistake during the World Cup. This is how footballer Jimmy Durmaz and his entire Swedish team responded...

25/06/2018 11:21
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  • Suhartuzzaman M.
    29/06/2018 15:33

    Say no to racism football is what unites people around the world

  • Suhartuzzaman M.
    29/06/2018 15:32

    It’s a total shame he took his side to a victory against Mexico and then they topped the group stage meanwhile Germany are out of the World Cup so I what want to say that never give up on your team and ur faith and support is that inspires them instead threatening family over a defeat is truly a disgrace to humanity

  • Atwikirize B.
    28/06/2018 15:48

    Some people are heartless cz footballers are human so threatening someone cz of a mistake it simply tells the world we're.

  • هجام ج.
    28/06/2018 12:39

    راهو سلك بعد انتصار هم الاخير امام المكسيك

  • Olusegun J.
    28/06/2018 08:37

    Soo happy Sweden won and topped their group. Football is a sport people.

  • Khalil G.
    27/06/2018 22:39

    تعرض للتهديد والاعتداء العنصري بعد ارتكاب خطأ خلال كأس العالم. هكذا استجاب لاعب كرة القدم جيمي دورماز وفريقه السويدي بأكمله ...

  • احمد ا.
    27/06/2018 06:46

    يا خيرا شنوا مدير من عمله

  • احمد ا.
    27/06/2018 06:44


  • Lacy K.
    27/06/2018 05:46

    Really? Threatening children and family over a single game of football (please correct my spelling of its wrong)? Humans are better than this.. right? We have to be..

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