Redefining what it means to have a "ballerina body"


"I felt that if I wanted to be successful as a ballet dancer, I needed to be as thin as possible." After overcoming an eating disorder, this ballerina is fighting to make ballet inclusive to dancers of all shapes and sizes.

Priest blesses gay couples


Priests are holding dozens of ceremonies blessing same sex unions in Germany, challenging the Vatican’s stand on gay couples…

For young actors, Broadway dreams crushed by the pandemic


"It's heartbreaking." A year ago, Lisa Graye was about to start her career as a Broadway actor, then COVID happened ...

Women share all the things they do to stay safe


"This is for anyone who thinks women are being a little dramatic when we say we have to go to full extremes to basically be left alone." Women share all the things they do to stay safe ...

Covid rehab treats patients with months of illness


"I feel like my life has been robbed from me." Some Covid patients with mild cases now need rehab to treat serious symptoms lasting months after infection....

Why the Red River in Spain fascinates scientists


Spain’s Red River is not just a spectacular landscape, it’s a scientific wonder. It might even be a sign that life on Mars is possible.

Negzzia: from Iranian model to refugee in Paris


She was reported to the police by the man who tried to rape her. Since then, Iranian model Negzzia fled her country and found herself homeless in France. She told Brut her story…

The 70 year old pole dancing champion


“I feel like a child playing at a playground. Weightless, effortless.” She's 70 years old and a 9-time world champion in pole dancing.

Women share experience of rejecting men


"Fat." "Racist." "You deserve to get beat up." These women shared shocking responses they received after rejecting men..."

The wolverine is the most ferocious animal of the Far North


Wolverines are real, and they are scary!

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