The evolution of the Bond girl


From an object of desire to “someone who kicks ass” ... Here’s how the Bond girl became more than a love interest to agent 007...

The billionaire space race: where do they want to take us?


Three billionaires fly into space. Here's what they each hope to achieve ...

He climbs NY rooftops to bring cheap internet to all


He's a volunteer who climbs New York City buildings and works on rooftops to make internet accessible to all.

Bill Cosby accusers share their experience


"His behavior was like that of a predator." Bill Cosby was released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned. These were the powerful testimonies from his accusers.

Indonesia: this is the largest highly acidic lake in the world


This turquoise blue water belongs to Kawah Ijen, the largest acidic lake in the world.

How to make a Parsi-style fish with chef Anahita Dhondy


Indian Chef Anahita N. Dhondy champions zero-waste cooking by reinventing traditional Parsi dishes. Here's her recipe to make a healthy steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves. All week, Brut and EAT are sharing healthy and sustainable recipes from around the world in the lead up to #WorldFoodDay. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

The life of Adele


"I don't like writing songs when I'm happy. I'd rather be out being happy." Her songs about heartbreak have moved people around the world. She's back with a new album about her divorce. This is the story of Adele.

Sociable weaver nests provide shelter to many birds


Sociable weavers build the world's biggest nests. These giant flatshares can accommodate up to 500 birds.

The story of Coldplay


“For us, each song is some form of trying not to feel alone.” They’re so famous on Earth, they launched their latest single from outer space ... They fight for sustainability and a more equal world. This is Coldplay.

The life of Tyson Fury


He calls himself the “Gypsy King,” he’s one of the greatest boxers of all time, he nearly died three times ... But he always gets back up. This is Tyson Fury

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