Chef José Andrés joins protesters in D.C.


"If we keep silent, we are responsible too." Chef José Andrés joined protesters in front of the White House and shared a powerful message on accountability.

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Meanwhile... Siberia is experiencing unusual heat


Meanwhile in Siberia, temperatures rose to a record high of 30°C last May. And this unusual heat feeds another fear as the Arctic fire season begins…

How do kangaroos fight?


Note to self: never get in a fight with a kangaroo.

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Kamala Harris slams Rand Paul for blocking anti-lynching federal bill


"In the history of our country, black people have been treated as less than human." With tears in her eyes, Kamala Harris slammed Rand Paul for blocking a bill that would make lynching a federal crime.

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What is antifa?


They have no leader, no structure, and no official membership, and yet Donald Trump wants to designate them as a terrorist group. What is antifa?

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Discovering the Tra Su Forest


This place once ravaged by the Vietnam War has become a beautiful flooded forest, home to rare species of birds and lotus flowers. Welcome to the Tra Su Forest. 🌱

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How to shave with zero waste


How to: Shave with zero waste Shaving generates hundreds of thousands of tons of waste each year. Maël, who is a volunteer at La Maison du Zéro Déchet, shares his eco-friendly shaving alternatives.

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Marchers honor George Floyd in Houston


They were tens of thousands in the streets of Houston, George Floyd's hometown. Here's what they had to say.

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Donald Trump on protesters


Some are "very fine people on both sides", others are "violent mobs". Donald Trump has an ambivalent relationship with protesters...

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TBT: The 1943 Harlem curfew


A curfew in New York. A riot after a white police officer shot an African American soldier. This happened over 50 years ago... in Harlem.

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