CPAC 2021: Donald Trump and the GOP... it's complicated


Donald Trump and the Republican party... it's complicated. Here's the latest from the former president at CPAC 2021.

The life of Jane Fonda


This Hollywood legend has been arrested 6 times for her activism –– from opposing the Vietnam War to fighting for climate justice. At the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, Jane Fonda was recognized with a lifetime achievement award. This is her story.

Woman with facial hair is challenging ideals of beauty


"I've gotten many comments from men who say they don't like how I look. I don't remember asking them." Eldina Jaganjac doesn't shave her facial hair, and says it's nothing to be ashamed of.

The history of female masturbation


Female masturbation... Fact: Can reduce stress. Fiction: Can cure women from hysteria. Sex historian Hallie Lieberman breaks down the stigma behind female pleasure.

The story of Twitter


Donald Trump will never tweet again – this social platform permanently banned him from the app. This is the story of Twitter.

Beekeeper teaches TikTok why we should care about bees


"They're just extraordinary creatures." Erika Thompson dedicates her life to saving bees, a species that is widely misunderstood and is beginning to die off.

Meet the most sophisticated octopus in the world


This octopus carries shells wherever it goes and uses them as shelters. That's the fascinating behavior observed recently by scientists.

Prince Harry's Mental Health Activism


Prince Harry is confronting the stigma associated with mental health by opening up about his own struggles.

This man shatters gender stereotypes by wearing skirts and heels


He's straight, he's married... and he rocks a pencil skirt and high heels.

First man to ski down "the world's most dangerous mountain"


One in four people who attempt to climb this mountain don't survive. Brut met the first person to not only climb it, but decided to ski down.

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