Cambodia: Ta Prohm temple's unique atmosphere


Trees sprouting among ruins, roots growing around walls... Welcome to Ta Prohm, one of Angkor's exceptional temples.

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How to practice self-care


It's always important to practice self-care — especially when quarantining. From bonding activities to exercising, here are some tips on how to maintain your well-being.

Fresh Pasta Recipe: A Lockdown Special


Fresh, homemade pasta with stracciatella and tomato sauce. Here is an easy and sustainable recipe with chef Riccardo Ferrante. An Écotable initiative

How to make your own cricket farm


Could insect farms in Thailand become a substitute for meat production? 🦗 With Low-tech Lab - Nomade des Mers

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17-year-old creates coronavirus-tracking website


This website launched by a teenager long before the coronavirus outbreak tracks the pandemic globally in real time and has become one of the most accurate sources to date on COVID-19 cases.

The "caremongering" movement in Canada


To help those who are vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians have started "caremongering," an online movement to help those at risk in their communities.

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In Peru, indigenous people speak out against the oil industry


Their home has been heavily contaminated with toxic metals by decades of oil extraction. In Peru, several indigenous communities in the Amazon have been seeking justice for years. This is their fight.

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Lockdown tips from the cast of "Money Heist"


They hope their fictional characters will entertain those staying home... while quarantined in Spain themselves. Here are some lockdown tips from the "Money Heist" cast.

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Why peacocks spread their feathers


Peacocks boasting their colorful plumage is one of nature's most spectacular shows. But is it really just for show?

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How the U.S. elections are vulnerable to hacking


"Kids all over the world are capable of doing this. Kids in Russia, in China, in Iran, South Korea, wherever." These are the weaknesses of the U.S. election infrastructure.