Footage shot at a French pig factory farm

Injured animals crammed together, dead newborns left on the ground... This is what L214 Ethique et Animaux filmed in a French factory farm which uses intensive farming practices. 95% of pigs raised in France are found on this type of farm. Warning: this video contains footage that some viewers may find disturbing.

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The Issues Barely Mentioned at the Debates

Reproductive rights, Big Tech, paid family leave — these are just some of the big issues rarely discussed at the Democratic presidential debates.

First Woman to Seek Major Party's Presidential Nomination

Before there was Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, there was Margaret Chase Smith. This was the moment the first woman seeking a major party's presidential nomination announced her campaign — and it had a twist.

The Life of Rosalía

From Bad Bunny to Billie Eilish, top artists want to work with her. This is why everyone’s talking about Rosalía.

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During the Danone Nations Cup, they voted for the UN's objective

Fight against poverty, access to education, gender equality.... They are between 10 and 12 years old, they come from 27 countries and, during the Danone Nations Cup, they voted for the UN's objective they consider to be the most important. Here is the result. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

What Happened to the Koala Trapped in the Flames?

What happened to the koala trapped in the flames since he's been rescued by a brave Australian woman? Currently being treated at a koala hospital, the severely burnt animal has just received a visit from the woman who saved him. Here is the footage of their reunion.

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The Evolution of the Disney Princess

From "Cinderella" to "Frozen," this is how Disney's heroines have evolved since Snow White in 1937. 👸💪

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What’s in the Air in Sydney and New Delhi?

Meanwhile, in Sydney and New Delhi, residents are suffocating as toxic smoke clouds linger in the cities.

How to save a sheep that's lying on its back

A sheep with its legs in the air is a sheep close to death. But if you act quickly you might just be able to save its life. This vet tells us what to do in case it happens.

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The 5th Democratic Debate Was a Comedy

The 5th 2020 Democratic debate changed things up a bit — by becoming a comedy.

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