Should we be picking up dead leaves?


Should you be picking up dead leaves? 🍂

Divided Dakotas: two different responses to surging COVID cases


The Dakotas are seeing the worst COVID outbreaks in the world … and their governors have opposite approaches to handling it.

Can dogs communicate through buttons?


Can this dog communicate through buttons? Some scientists are studying her responses.

The life of Gloria Steinem


She's the women's rights warrior who's been an undercover bunny, championed reproductive rights, and founded the first national feminist magazine. This is the story of Gloria Steinem.

AOC calls out Senate for no COVID relief


"We are abandoning our people." Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out the Senate for taking a Thanksgiving break while millions need COVID relief.

The aardvark is a true ecosystem engineer


It feasts on termites and has its own order in the animal kingdom. Meet the aardvark.

Trump vs. every other U.S. president


"So who do you like better, Trump or Abraham Lincoln?"

The Endurance: a story of survival in Antarctica


He wanted to be the first person to cross Antarctica, but nothing went according to plan. Raging seas, icy water... Survival became the crew’s sole objective. This is the incredible story of a failed expedition.

El Capitan: Yosemite's iconic rock climb


Climbers across the world risk their lives to conquer this iconic rock — and some dare to free climb it. This is the story of El Capitan.

The life of John F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy was assassinated 57 years ago. This is his story.

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