The story of the Black Lives Matter movement


It started as a Facebook post and became a rallying cry against police brutality... This is the story of Black Lives Matter.

First day on the street: Reggie's story


Seven years ago, he was homeless after a layoff. Today, he's running the drop-in center for the homeless that helped him.

#TBT: The "Biden rule" on Supreme Court nominations


The "Biden rule" against the nomination of Supreme Court justices in an election year was a favorite for Republican senators ... just four years ago. #TBT

The blackbuck is one of the fastest mammals in the world


This is one of the fastest mammals in the world. Forget the cheetah, meet the blackbuck.

3 times Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul clashed on COVID-19 response


"You're not listening." Those were Dr. Fauci's words in his latest clash with Sen. Rand Paul about the coronavirus crisis. And it's not the first time they've butted heads...

Kindergarten teacher on adapting to remote learning


Keeping 5-year-olds engaged and excited about remote learning is no easy task, but this kindergarten teacher is adapting to the challenge one energetic Zoom call at a time...

Meet the kagu, the barking bird that narrowly avoided extinction


This rare bird nearly suffered the same fate as the dodo. Here's how the kagu avoided extinction with the help of scientists.

Musician plays violin during awake brain surgery


This woman is playing the violin during her brain surgery to help ensure she doesn’t lose function in her left arm. 😲

Mysterious Great Blue Hole


Off the coast of Belize lies a massive underwater sinkhole. Welcome to the Great Blue Hole.

Protesting Gender Violence Around the World Through Song


"The rapist is you." From South America to Europe, thousands of blindfolded women chant this feminist song from Chile. ✊

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