The truth behind "cute" animal videos


"This is actually a very, very stressful situation for the stingray." Here's the ugly truth behind the internet's "cute" animal videos...

11 simple questions on sperm answered


Does sperm contain nutrients? Is it good for your skin? What's the difference between sperm and semen? Here are 11 simples questions on sperm, answered ...

Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world


Beaches that glow in the dark, rocks that light up on summer nights... This phenomenon has a name: bioluminescence.

Documentary: Afghanistan: The Families Selling their Children to Survive


“By selling her, I was able to save my other children.” Selling one’s own children may seem unfathomable. But in Afghanistan, as more and more families are left to starve in misery since the return of the Taliban, some parents feel like they have no other choice ... Brut filmmaker Nadège Justiniani went to meet them.

The real life of a stay-at-home husband


"Check your misogyny at the door: It's a day in the life of a stay-at-home husband." He cleans the house. She pays the bills. Brut spoke to Hunter and Maya Leppard about the story behind their hilarious TikTok videos.

How a school of fish function


Class is in session! 😊This is how a school of fish swim together. 🐠

TikToker shows how easy it is to spike a drink


To show how easy it is to spike a drink without you noticing, this woman filmed herself doing just that. She told us why.

3 wonders to see in Vietnam


An animal that smells like popcorn, a cave so big that it has its own clouds... Here are 3 wonders you can see in Vietnam.

Formerly incarcerated people share what life was like in prison


"I gave birth in literal chains." What is life in prison like? These formerly incarcerated people are sharing their stories on TikTok ...

Simple questions on vasectomies


Does it affect your sexual function? Is it reversible? Does it hurt? Simple questions on vasectomies answered.

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