Inside TikTok's viral #writtenbyaman trend


Oversexualized, romanticized, unrealistic. This latest online trend is taking on the male gaze by showing how women are portrayed when they are #writtenbyaman ...

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Same incidents, different accounts


Amber Heard: "He just kicked me. In the back." Johnny Depp: "I never struck a woman in my life." Depp and Heard are involved in a heavily publicized court battle where they've accused each other of domestic abuse. But they seem to recall the same incidents very differently.

The farmer using cows as a way to reverse climate change


Here's one farmer's way of reducing carbon in the air and combating climate change, and he's doing it using two simple resources — cattle and soil.

The Life of Kendrick Lamar


"I think I was put on this Earth just to do music." He's a proud Compton native and the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize. Kendrick Lamar is back with his first solo album in five years, "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers." This is his story.

The history of the anti-abortion movement


From the 1973 landmark ruling establishing abortion as a constitutional right to the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned ... This is the history of the anti-abortion movement.

The rainbow eucalyptus is one of the most stunning trees


The rainbow eucalyptus is the most colorful tree in the world. 😮🌈

Meet Marjan, Afghanistan's last lion


He was Afghanistan's last lion, and became the symbol of Kabul's sufferings. This is the story of Marjan. 🦁 ⚠️ Warning: the following video includes images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Inside the cadaver lab that dissects dead bodies for science


"Maybe I should start my own cadaver lab, because that's a normal idea." His creepy yet fascinating videos from inside a cadaver lab attract millions online. Meet Jonathan Bennion ...

Indigenous activist details the horrors of American boarding schools


"We knew that children didn't get to go home. They were missing." This Indigenous activist spoke about the lasting impact of American boarding schools, after an investigation found evidence of at least 53 burial sites linked to these institutions ...

Beekeeper teaches TikTok why we should care about bees


"They're just extraordinary creatures." Erika Thompson dedicates her life to saving bees, a species that is widely misunderstood and is beginning to die off.

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