Cotton-candy pink lakes in the south of France


Candy-pink lagoons as far as the eyes can see… Discover a lesser known part of the South of France. 😍

The arrest and trial of A$AP Rocky: a timeline


How a street fight in Sweden escalated to a high-level diplomatic mess in the U.S. The story of A$AP Rocky's detention abroad is subject of a new documentary.

A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast


This "rainbow" blanket octopus puts on a mesmerizing show... 🌈

Why do people choose polyamory?


Why do people choose polyamory? Actors Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfeld share their theories, after starring as an ethical non-monogamous couple in “Mark, Mary & Some Other People.”

Table Mountain's cascade of clouds


This cascade of clouds is tumbling over one of Cape Town's most iconic sights, and contributing to the formation of a unique biodiversity. Welcome to Table Mountain.

The life of Vladimir Putin


He's been one of the most powerful leaders in the world for more than two decades and he just changed a law to grant himself the option of 12 more years ruling Russia. This is the life of Vladimir Putin.

Spanish model on embracing her rare skin disease


"I want my scars to be seen first." This Spanish model is smashing stereotypes by showing off her scars from a rare skin disease.

This woman is trading her way to a home


She began by trading a bobby pin for a pair of earrings with a stranger online. Now, millions are following this woman's journey as she trades item after item to reach one incredible goal.

Nine simple questions about being transgender


What's a deadname? What does it mean to transition? Nine questions about being transgender, answered by activist Eli Erlick.

How a Latinx neighborhood became a Broadway star


This New York neighborhood is the star of a new film, but to the BIPOC community that calls Washington Heights home, it's always been famous.