How to become an astronaut

NASA is hiring — here, two astronauts tell us what it takes to join the space program. 🚀

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Austrian teen starts a rail travel agency

To avoid flying to Vietnam, this student traveled over 7,000 miles by train. Now, he's started a rail travel company to inspire others to travel far without using planes.

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Chile's consumption of sugary drinks drops 25%

Consumption of sugary drinks has dropped by nearly 25% in Chile — thanks to a law that many hope will drastically reduce obesity in the country.

Why goldfish don’t belong in bowls

Stress, disease, loneliness… This is what goldfish experience when we keep them in small bowls.

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The life of Senator Amy Klobuchar

From corporate attorney to Minnesota’s first woman senator, she has never lost an election. Now, she's running for president. This is the life of @amyklobuchar.

Iran's deputy health minister has coronavirus

After appearing sweaty and visibly sick, Iran's deputy health minister has confirmed that he has coronavirus.

What is an NDA?

One-third of Americans have signed an NDA at work, but many feel these agreements prevent victims of harassment from speaking out. We spoke to an expert about the history and culture surrounding this common practice in corporate culture.

Yerlan Nurgaliev was killed while trying to protect antilopes

He was killed while trying to protect antelopes… Over a year later, justice has been served.

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Unsung Female Heroes of WWI

They were the unsung female heroes of WWI. Meet a nurse, a factory worker, and a Sergeant-Major. 💪 (via Brut UK)

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The story behind the iconic "Migrant Mother"

Florence Owens Thompson was working as a pea picker to support her seven kids when she was photographed by Dorothea Lange. Her iconic portrait now symbolizes the struggles of the Great Depression.

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