Neapolitan Pizza Recognized by UNESCO

Sushi. French fries. Bananas? Pizza toppings have been pushed to the limit — but UNESCO recognized this style of pizza as part of humanity’s intangible heritage. 🍕🏅

Operation Thunderball: Thousands of wild animals seized

A tiger cub in a pick-up van in Mexico, a lesser flamingo in a pet store in India... Thousands of wild animals were seized during Operation Thunderball, a large-scale smuggling crackdown.

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President Trump’s Racist Comments

Why is President Trump called a racist? Does it have anything to do with all these racist things he's said?

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Franky Zapata Flies Over Bastille Day Crowds

That's not the Green Goblin — it's inventor Franky Zapata on his Flyboard at Paris' Bastille Day celebration.

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Severn Cullis-Suzuki's Speech at the Rio Summit in 1992

She was the Greta Thunberg of her time — and child climate activist Severn Cullis-Suzuki's 1992 Rio Summit speech is still relevant today.

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Beloved by Instagrammers, this lake is full of toxic waste

This popular spot for Instagram influencers, located in Siberia near the city of Novosibirsk, looks like paradise — but it’s actually a man-made chemical waste site for a nearby power plant. 😱

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The Life of Novak Djokovic

Growing up, Novak Djokovic was accustomed to bombings in war-torn Serbia. Now, he's the #1 tennis player in the world. 🎾🇷🇸

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Timeline of Sex Abuse Cases Against Jeffrey Epstein

For over a decade, Jeffrey Epstein faced minimal consequences for allegations of sex trafficking. Here's why that might change soon.

TV Characters Can't Stop Smoking

Did you notice all the smoking in "Stranger Things?" It turns out that yes, cigarette use in TV and movies is on the rise. 🚬

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