How to be more eco-friendly when using the Internet


Internet is a big polluter. However, there are alternatives and simple tricks we can put in place to be more eco-friendly when we use it. Here is episode 3 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with author Julien Vidal.

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How the coronavirus pandemic has impacted faith


Religions without crowds of believers — this is how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting faith around the world.

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Solidarity with seniors during the pandemic


This is a difficult time for everyone — particularly seniors. Here’s how people around the world are ensuring their vulnerable older people are taken care of during the pandemic. 💜

Koalas released back into the wild


Meanwhile in Australia… Koalas that were rescued from the bushfires are being released back into the wild.

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How to make eco-friendly deodorant


DIY: How to make your own eco-friendly deodorant. ♻️🙆 It's easy, cheap and effective!

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This device could save glaciers from melting


Stopping glaciers from melting seems like an impossible challenge. But with this invention, researchers might just have a solution...

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Some lizards can run on water


Impressed by the fact that Jesus walked on water? You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Why the dodo went extinct


Too heavy to fly, too large to run and too clumsy to escape, this funny-looking bird didn't survive the arrival of humans in its territory. Here is the story of the dodo.

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Sustainable recipe: Egg marinated in beer with sprouted sunflower seeds


A freshly laid egg marinated in beer with caramelized sunflower seeds. This is chef Florent Ladeyn's new sustainable recipe. 🍳

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Pets are collateral victims of the Covid-19 pandemic


As lockdown measures tighten further and fake news spread, animal shelters fear a surge in abandoned animals...

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