The story of Mount Rushmore


Its sculptor had ties to the Ku Klux Klan, and the land it was built on belonged to Native Americans. This is the controversial history of Mount Rushmore, where President Trump will attend 4th of July festivities.

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Visual evidence of how face masks work


Watch how many droplets are released just by speaking when you're not wearing a face mask.

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Astronauts explain the "overview effect"


Seeing Earth from space for the first time is so riveting, there's a special name for it. NASA astronauts describe the experience. 😲

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The life of Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim


She's been fighting for the planet and the rights of indigenous peoples for more than 20 years, traveling to villages in Chad, her home country, and bringing her battles to the international stage. This is the life story of Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

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3 wonders found in the Philippines


A reef where fish can leave peaceful lives, a tree with a multi-colored trunk, a river which runs under the ground surface… This may seem surreal, but these places do exist. Here are 3 wonders found in the Philippines.

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Ron DeSantis vs. Ron DeSantis on Covid-19


May: “We succeeded.” June: “The virus doesn’t just disappear.” Ron DeSantis vs. Ron DeSantis before and after Florida coronavirus cases surge at new records.

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The difference between a pebble beach and a sandy beach


Sandy beaches vs. pebble beaches: What is actually the difference between both? 🤔

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The Life of Viola Davis


She grew up in rat-infested, condemned apartments — but from a young age she had a dream. Now, she's the first black actress to have won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony. This is the story of Viola Davis.

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The babirusa, a wild pig from Indonesia


This wild pig from Indonesia has teeth so long that they sometimes sink into its skull. Meet the strange babirusa.

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What is lightning?


Burning air, thunder and lightnings strikes... ⚡️ Here's how lightning works:

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