The controversial tradition of dolphin hunting


⚠️This video contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Hundreds of slaughtered dolphins. A sea of blood. For inhabitants of the Faroe Islands, it remains an age-old, though increasingly controversial, tradition.

Liz Cheney ousted from GOP role


"Ignoring the lie emboldens the liar." Before she was voted out as House Republican Conference chair, Representative Liz Cheney denounced Donald Trump and his election claims in this speech…

The Eden Project has been called the "eighth wonder of the world"


Cornwall, UK, is home to a massive environmental complex (and to England's longest zip line) This is the Eden Project. 🇬🇧

5 myths about virginity


No, there's no such thing as "popping your cherry." Gynecologist Nina Brochmann busts five myths about virginity...

The Life of Ellen DeGeneres


She's an LGBTQ pioneer and a TV icon. This is Ellen DeGeneres's story — from personal childhood trauma to receiving one of the nation’s highest honors.

Sustainable recipe: Lentil falafels with yogurt sauce


Lentil falafels with yogurt sauce. This is Michelin-starred chef Florent Ladeyn's new sustainable recipe. With WWF-France

The lawyer who took on Chevron


He took on Chevron in court, won, and then Chevron fought back. After more than 600 days on house arrest, Steven Donziger is finally getting a trial. This is his story.

How Lobster Shells Can Solve the Plastic Problem


What do shellfish and plastic bags have in common? Not much, and that's why these scientists would prefer bags made out of lobster shells to help save the environment.

COVID-19 nurse brings Biden to tears


This nurse gave a moving account of treating COVID-19 patients ... and it brought Joe Biden to tears.

3 fearsome insect predators


Liquifying organs then slurping them up, pretending to be harmless to trick a prey... These 3 insects are fearsome predators. Here are their techniques:

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