Some cuckoos use brood parasitism as a way to save energy

This baby bird may only be a few minutes old, it's already a killer and an imposter. 😨

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Children of War in Desperate Need

"They did not take part in it. They did not choose to be in it." A new study reports that 1 in 5 of the world's children are now living inside war zones.

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The surprising landscape at Slope Point

In Slope Point, New Zealand, trees twist themselves to oppose the least resistance possible to the wind. 🇳🇿

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Vietnam: the Elephant Racing Festival draws critics

Elephants playing soccer, racing or swimming. These performances are part of a controversial festival in Vietnam. Several NGOs are now speaking out against these practices.

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5 Ways Rich People Get Their Kids Into College

Here are 5 ways wealthy people with underperforming kids get them into college.

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World Wide Web Creator — then and now

The World Wide Web was created 30 years ago — but its creator is sharing his concerns about the downward slide of the internet today.

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New York: no more meat on Mondays at school cafeterias

“Meatless Monday” will soon be on the menu at all public-school cafeterias in New York, starting this fall.

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Google Developer Sets Pi Day Record

A Google employee shattered the world record for most accurate calculation of pi — on Pi Day! 😲

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Beto O'Rourke Enters 2020 Presidential Race

Beto O'Rourke is throwing his hat into the crowded Democratic field for president. The former Texas congressman is hoping his progressive, grassroots message resonates nationally.

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Orient Express: Journey of a Legend

Designed for the wealthy, these tracks once took passengers on an iconic journey across Europe, venturing into untamed regions in record time. This is the story of the Orient Express. 🚂🌲 An ARTE documentary.

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