Art that shows what schizophrenia feels like


"Schizophrenia feels like there's always a ghost around you." Schizophrenia is one of the most stigmatized mental illnesses. Here's how artist and animator @xoradmagical is helping people understand the disorder ...

Who is Ncuti Gatwa?


He became an overnight star for playing Eric on the hit show, "Sex Education." Now, he will play the first Black lead on "Doctor Who." Who is Ncuti Gatwa?

This village in the Netherlands doesn't have any road


No cars, no roads... In this village known as the "Dutch Venice", boats are the inhabitants' preferred way to get around.

Deepfakes, explained


Is this video of Will Smith in Kendrick Lamar's new music video fake or real? Deepfakes are computer-generated fake videos and they are on the rise. Here's why they can be dangerous ...

Adam Driver speaks to Brut


From playing the villain in Star Wars to why “making a movie is like taking a piss,” Adam Driver gets candid with Brut at the Festival de Cannes.

The future of meat


Producing meat without slaughtering cows — these new innovations are challenging the meat industry in ways that will help fight against climate change.

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre?


She used to be terrified of public speaking. Today, she will be the first Black and openly LGBTQ+ person to serve as White House press secretary. Who is Karine Jean-Pierre?

Meet "Brian the Motel Guy" who gives free rooms to people in need


"Everyone deserves a place to stay." Brut spent a day with “Brian the Motel Guy,” the proud owner of the Lincoln Tunnel Motel, who gives free rooms to people in need.

The Zanzibar red colobus, a strange and endangered primate


This strange primate has long, bristly white hairs, cannot eat sugar, and lives in only one place on Earth. Meet the Zanzibar red colobus.

People are filming themselves as they quit their jobs


"F––k this job, F––k this company." She filmed herself as she quit her job, and started a trend. Here's why people are handing in more resignations in 2021, and why they're filming themselves doing it ...

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