The life of Mariska Hargitay

She’s the star of Law & Order and she’s working to transform society's response to sexual assault and domestic violence. This is Mariska Hargitay’s story.

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Donald Trump, film critic

President Trump isn't afraid to weigh in on the most important issues of our time... like the Best Picture win for "Parasite" at the Oscars. (via Brut News)

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Astronauts explain the "overview effect"

Seeing Earth from space for the first time is so riveting, there's a special name for it. NASA astronauts describe the experience. 😲

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Protecting the rights of foster children

With a shortage of foster parents and an overloaded welfare system, children in America’s foster care system are now being placed in juvenile detention centers.

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Thousands of mussels found dead in New Zealand

Thousands of dead mussels…That's what the tide revealed on this beach in New Zealand.

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Bernie Sanders vs. Michael Bloomberg

A billionaire vs. a democratic socialist. The clash between Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, then and now. (via @BrutNews)

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How does snow form?

No snowflake is precisely the same as the other. Yet, they all fall into one of 35 different shapes, according to researchers. But how exactly do they form? ❄️

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Why do we still have room for dessert?

Do you always have room for dessert? There's a scientific reason for that — it's called sensory-specific satiety.

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A sanctuary for migrants

As an undocumented migrant, she received an order to leave the U.S. — but this church gave her a safe place to stay.

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The spokesperson for the Wet’suwet’en rises up against the Canadian State

"Canada has never respected indigenous governments" They've been fighting against a pipeline project on their lands for weeks. Molly Wickham is the spokerperson for the Wet'suwet'en people. She speaks out against the State.

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