The Life of Jack Ma

From humble beginnings, Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma created Asia's answer to Amazon. He's considered one of the world's greatest business leaders and after 20 years, he’s just announced that he is stepping down from the $460 billion empire. This is his story.

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The Life of Nicki Minaj

Barbie. Chun-Li. Onika. Whatever her persona, she's a rap superstar. This is the story of Nicki Minaj.

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Native Suicide-Prevention Counselor Nurtures Hope

Help and hope — this Native suicide-prevention counselor is offering both to a community with one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

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"Queer Eye" Star Antoni Porowski Makes Cooking Personal

For "Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski, cooking is about more than the perfect avocado toast. Here, the TV personality and cookbook author shares how he uses the kitchen to strengthen his relationships and how cooking can help people connect with their heritage. 🥑 ❤️

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3 techniques to find your way in the woods

Lost in the woods with no GPS signal? Here are 3 techniques to find your way, with @[544452959278052]. 🍂

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6 Projects Losing Funding for the Border Wall

Didn't President Trump say Mexico would pay that? Here are six government projects that will lose funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. 🤔

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The World's Fastest Sinking Cities

From New Orleans to Jakarta, these six cities are sinking at a fast rate.

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Ballerina wants others to remember the beauty of Syria

She's dancing in the streets of Damascus to remind the world that Syria was once a vibrant art and culture hub. 💃🏽

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3 consequences of the Amazon fires

Fires are raging across the Amazon forest, directly affecting several indigenous communities, animals and plants. Here are 3 consequences of these fires.

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The Life of Shailene Woodley

She went from a promising teen actor to become a fierce environmental activist — and was even arrested protesting against the Dakota Access pipeline. This is the life of Shailene Woodley.

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