Coronavirus: U.S. health care workers are at risk


“We have gone into an extreme rationing.” With the increase in COVID-19 cases, doctors and nurses have improvised ways to make what supplies they have left last.

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How to reduce food waste


We throw away a third of the food we produce worldwide. But how can we limit this waste? Episode 10 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with French author Julien Vidal.

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Meet the smallest bear in the world


A yellow U-shaped patch, the longest tongue of its kind... This is the smallest bear in the world, but also one of the rarest. Meet the Malayan Sun Bear.

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Health care workers applauded around the world


Every evening, the world claps in solidarity for its healthcare worker battling coronavirus :clap: #Solidarityat8

China: Mount Fanjing's exceptional landscape


A sea of clouds, a huge nature reserve, Buddhist temples... This sacred mountain in China is a haven of biodiversity. 🍃

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Bernie Sanders outraged over coronavirus relief bill pushback


"Somebody who's making 12 bucks an hour, might be making a few bucks more for four months. Oh my word! Will the universe survive?" Sen. Bernie Sanders had some strong words for those of his colleagues who consider the coronavirus relief bill overly generous.

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The life of Chef José Andrés


He's turned his New York and Washington D.C. restaurants into community kitchens amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and for years has made it his mission to feed people in need during times of crisis. This is the life of chef José Andrés.

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The life of Dr. Anthony Fauci


He’s the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, has served under six presidents, and is now advising the nation on the coronavirus pandemic. This is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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A model of biointensive farming to transform global agriculture


"We want to replace mass agriculture with a mass of farmers" A really small, but profitable farm. That's what Jean-Martin Fortier has founded in Quebec. And he wants to show that an agricultural revolution is possible. He talked to Brut nature.

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Protecting domestic violence victims during quarantine


As the COVID-19 outbreak forces people to stay home with their partners, support groups are highlighting the risk of self-isolation for those experiencing domestic violence.