Greta Thunberg defends Indigenous people


“Indigenous rights and climate justice go hand in hand.” Greta Thunberg spoke in defense of Indigenous peoples protecting the Amazon in Brazil. Here’s why.

The story of Félicette, the first cat that flew to space


This is the first cat that flew to space. And the only one that came back alive. Here is the little-known story of Félicette.

Holocaust survivor shares memories from Auschwitz


“They couldn’t kill us because their time ran out, not the gas.” With her great-grandson, Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert shares her memories from Auschwitz on TikTok, so we never forget ...

The Handmaid's Tale taught Elisabeth Moss to speak out for women's rights


Her character's red cloak on Handmaid's Tale became a symbol of political protest in real life. Here's how the dystopian drama helped Elisabeth Moss find her feminism.

A ray of hope for the world's heaviest parrot


This funny-looking bird has just had a record-breaking breeding season. That's good news considering it's one of the most endangered birds in the world.

How Jon Stewart lobbied for New York's first responders for 20 years


Nine days after September 11, Jon Stewart began speaking up for New York's first responders. Twenty years later, he's not done.

6 simple questions on BDSM


What's the difference between a top and a dom? What can BDSM teach us about consent? And what is a dungeon? 6 questions about BDSM answered.

#TBT: September 12, 2001


Eighteen years ago today, desperate family members and friends searched for their loved ones in New York while a stunned nation reeled after the 9/11 attacks.

Doñana National Park's unique ecosystem is shrinking


"We see it in the continuous decline in groundwater levels, the decline in the number of species, the decline in bird populations." It's one of Europe's largest wetlands. And it's drying up.

The 70 year old pole dancing champion


“I feel like a child playing at a playground. Weightless, effortless.” She's 70 years old and a 9-time world champion in pole dancing.