“I had an abortion because ...”


“Because I was assaulted.” “Because I was too young to have a baby.” “Because I wanted to.” They all chose to have an abortion and fight for everyone’s right to do the same. Here’s why ...

#BrutDocs: Fighting for the right to breathe


“I can’t breathe. And everybody thinks it’s a joke.” Is the air in this town toxic? Filmmaker Jessey Dearing heads to Gloster, Mississippi to find out.

If I weren't vaccinated against COVID-19 ...


If you want to buy alcohol or cannabis in Quebec, you'll need to be vaccinated. Here's a look at the strict regulations for those unvaccinated against COVID around the world...

Daniel Toben has picked up over a million pieces of trash


“I’m giving up a normal life and I’m just going to clean up the planet.” Daniel Toben has picked up over 10,000 bags of trash in North Carolina...and he’s inspiring others to clean up their communities too ...

Father Anne is fighting for woman priesthood in Catholicism


In the Roman Catholic church, only men can become priests. Father Anne is here to change that ...

“Catcalls of NYC” calls out street harassment


"Keep walking, f—ing hoe." To show how violent sexual harassment can be, these women are writing down catcalls they’ve experienced on the streets of New York City ... Catcalls of NYC

The female centipede protects her offspring for several weeks


A mother centipede's maternal instinct 💕

LGBTQ+ advocates slam Florida 'Don't Say Gay' bill


"We're parents, students, teachers. We are your brothers and your sisters." This attorney spoke out against a Florida bill that would ban discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in schools ...

The Atacama, the oldest desert in the world


This is one the driest places on Earth. Yet, life in the Atacama Desert has adapted to thrive in these extreme conditions. 🌷

Why people are calling out "America's Next Top Model"


"America's Next Top Model" offered aspiring models a chance to break into the industry. Now, years later, the reality TV show is under fire for perpetuating a toxic culture. A former contestant explains what went on behind the scenes ...

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