Iron Chef Amanda Cohen Roots for Vegetables and Fair Wages

She’s an Iron Chef — and a pioneer of the No Tipping Movement in New York City. Now Amanda Cohen is hoping a bold food choice can transform the food industry. Special thanks to Dirt Candy.

03/10/2019 12:01 PM
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  • Valli S.
    03/10/2019 19:04

    If you survived on tips as waitresses and pizza delivery ppl do....and by the way,get paid less in salary cus the company takes in account you are making wouldn't be shootn your mouth off

  • Mohamed K.
    03/11/2019 04:32

    No no you are not the only one in the world

  • Darshani P.
    03/11/2019 06:38

    In the world?! 😅

  • Seilunlal K.
    03/12/2019 05:03

    I knew she was a feminist when she said female chef. They are the one labelling themselves and then complaint about sexism.

  • Rohith M.
    03/12/2019 05:40

    First all vegetable restaurant?!! Obviously you've never been to india

  • Pancho A.
    03/12/2019 10:29


  • Jake V.
    03/12/2019 13:03

    1st all vegetable restaurant in the world. Hmmmmm sounds quite wrong.

  • Vaibhaw S.
    03/13/2019 08:10

    🤣🤣🤣🤣... Pls do come to India.... We have millions of "only vegetable" Restaurants.....

  • Anurag M.
    03/13/2019 10:22

    Tf??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Indians have vegetarian restaurant all over India in every nook and corner... "Worlds first all vegetarian restaurant" My ass..

  • Sam K.
    03/13/2019 12:36

    Come to India we have tons of restaurants entirely delicated to vegetables...

  • May T.
    03/13/2019 12:55

    Kkay Htun

  • Satyam V.
    03/13/2019 18:39

    What kind of bullshit is this?

  • मंगेश म.
    03/14/2019 17:21

    In the world ? You haven't heard of India then ! Girl go outside and get a life 😆

  • Jajenkumar T.
    03/14/2019 22:21

    In India there are whole districts that are vegetarian!

  • Albino G.
    03/15/2019 04:49

    love ni

  • Nidhi P.
    03/15/2019 05:25

    You know I’m never going here

  • Kook B.
    03/16/2019 09:00

    tipping is sexist and racist

  • Hetal D.
    03/17/2019 17:07

    We need more of you!!!❤️🙏🏽🥰

  • Alan A.
    03/17/2019 17:22


  • Bobbi J.
    03/17/2019 17:23

    They say world because so many in the US think the universe revolves around them. It’s sad really!