#TBT: The first Gulf War begins

Operation Desert Storm began 29 years ago this week. These images mark a crucial moment in the U.S.’ ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

01/16/2020 4:57 PM


  • Aguimar D.
    21 hours


  • Mel O.
    3 days

    George Bush was fooled and tricked by Thatcher to save british petroleum. ''Don't go flimsy on me George'' was what tatcher told to Bush and the US as usual was used by british to protect them. The US spent billions of dollars, lost lives and the british took over Basra to load their ocean liners with Iraqi, Saudi and Kuwaiti oil and gain hundreds of billions of dollars.

  • Dave W.
    3 days

    And here we are twenty nine years later, still in conflict with that country, and now trump has intensified these issues with the killing of one of their leaders, these wars only make rich people richer by the lost of human lives, when will everyone realize that no one benefits from war...

  • Mohmed H.
    5 days

    This day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. No injustice today ! Indeed Allah is swift in account

  • Abdinasir A.
    5 days

    Bush is in hell now