Desert locust plague in East Africa

Millions of people are at risk of famine because of an unprecedented outbreak of desert locusts ravaging crops in East Africa.

The locust plague in East Africa

Hundreds of millions of locusts have invaded Ethiopia, Somalia, and now Kenya. It is the most dangerous locust species for crops. Kenya is currently experiencing the worst locust invasion in 70 years. “We are so tired … from morning until evening. And they don't leave. They are in the exploitation and eat our food, the fodder of the cattle, almost until exhaustion. Even the cows cannot go out because they are afraid of them”, says Kanini Ndunda, a farmer in the region.

They can eat enough food for 35,000 people in one day

Hundreds of millions of locusts have invaded Ethiopia, Somalia, and now Kenya. Desert Locusts are the most dangerous species of locusts. A small colony of them can eat enough food for 35,000 people in one day. “We tried by all means to hunt them, but they don't want to leave. So, every morning, we wake up, we go hunting again, but … We tried, they don't move, deplores farmer Theophilus Mwendwa.”

Locusts are destroying thousands of hectares of crops and eating animal fodder, putting people at risk of starvation in a region already prone to floods and droughts. Climatic variations favored their reproduction. If no action is taken, the number of locusts could be multiplied by 500 by June. In Kenya, the equivalent of 131 football fields are already infested.

Risk of spreading in Uganda and South Sudan

"There is a risk of spreading. The countries most watched at this stage are Uganda and South Sudan. Uganda has not had to deal with a locust infestation since the 1960s. There is therefore concern about the ability of experts on the ground to deal with it without outside help. And in a country like South Sudan, 47% of the population is already food insecure”, warns Rosanne Marchesich, a member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

To prevent their spread, the only possible solution is to spray pesticides in the air. The UN estimates that $70 million will be needed to strengthen pest control and protect livelihoods in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.


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  • Tyler H.
    05/12/2020 08:26

    Why dont they cook and eat them? That looks like a lot of protein to me. They could probly grind the locusts up and create meat patties with them as well.

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    05/06/2020 05:33

    The "CIGARETTE MAN" and his friends are watching. ......." the truth is out there"

  • Mark Y.
    04/22/2020 19:18

    The opening of the fourth seal. Revelation 6:7-8.

  • Manojlal K.
    04/16/2020 10:56

    Eat locust making dry food and beverage powder.

  • Yang A.
    04/12/2020 10:07

    Just take out the feathers in fry them in a deep oil Its delescious😁😁😁😂 This is also a sign that sickness it will occour soon to the place..where they passed

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    The world is ending let us pray

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    We arr doom

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    caugth and eat

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    It was prophesied long ago by Daniel and Revelation that Swams of Locusts will Ravage the Earth. So, here comes the Fulfillment and for Total Repentance and Prayers to God for Mercy.

  • Rangga M.
    04/09/2020 17:32

    Di masak saja, enak itu

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    If we send All chinese there they will finish all locoust

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    Keep n care all bird to life, stop kill the bird

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    in pampanga we eat that insect try it!

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    Dear african brothers and sisters first up stop the killing buds.because buds kill the those kind insects 🙏

  • Aliyu I.
    04/09/2020 14:24

    Trap them and export it to countries that eat them that another source of income.

  • Vino H.
    04/09/2020 13:05

    A decade ago a swarm of loctus invaded our place, we made them our delicacy. Not being proud here. Just saying how we got rid of them

  • Adam S.
    04/09/2020 10:36

    You can eat that locusts it's delicious

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    God take control,don’t let it take over the whole world like Corona virus

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    Learn to eat them. They are a source of rich protein. Fry them for finger food in drinking parties.