Husband of missing Ana Walshe arrested

Investigators are looking into the disappearance of Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe. So far, her husband has been arrested for misleading the police.

Who is Ana Walshe husband?

The disappearance of 39-year-old Ana Walsh has sparked a police investigation after her husband, Brian Walsh, was taken into custody for misleading authorities. Ana, a mother of three, was last seen on January 1st and reported missing by her husband, Brian Walsh, 47, and her employer on January 4th after she failed to show up for work.
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According to Brian, he last saw his wife at their home early January 1st when she took a ride share to the airport. However, police later discovered that she did not take a ride share and missed her flight. Her phone also pinged at their home that night.
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Why was Ana walshes husband arrested?

The investigation took a dark turn when law enforcement found a hacksaw and blood-stained items at trash facilities. Additionally, blood and a knife were found in the basement of the Walshe's home and Brian's internet history revealed searches for how to dispose of a 115-pound woman's body and how to dismember a body.
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Surveillance footage from Home Depot also showed Brian purchasing $450 worth of cleaning supplies according to an affidavit. Brian Walsh is set to appear in court on February 9th. The whereabouts of Anna Walsh remain unknown as the investigation continues.
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