Veggie burgers for meat eaters, Beyond Meat's success story

"Over 90% of the people who buy our product also have meat in their shopping cart. That's a real breakthrough." They've managed to appeal to all consumers, even meat eaters. Now, Beyond Meat is one of the most popular vegan brands in the world. Brut nature met with its Executive Chair. With ChangeNOW Summit

Taste, texture, and color…

These veggie burgers were developed to appeal to meat eaters too. They are made by the brand “Beyond Meat” and are among the most popular vegan products in the world.

Beyond Meat also offers other meat substitutes: "pork" sausages, “beef" meatballs, and minced "beef”. As proof of their success, the company's net revenues increased by 250% between 2018 and 2019.

Nowadays, their products are sold in 30,000 distribution points across the world, including collaborations with several major fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Dunkin'.

According to a study from the University of Michigan, a "Beyond Burger" generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46% less energy, 93% less land, and 99% less water than a ¼ pound of U.S. beef.


03/03/2020 11:58 AMupdated: 04/01/2020 2:28 PM
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  • Pat M.
    4 days

    I love it..

  • Faiz M.
    5 days

    Maybe next should created meat taste like vegetables 🤔

  • Isac L.
    6 days

    Haha classical comment-thread "I StICk tO MEaT nO mAtTeR WhaT" "vEgAnS CAnNOt CONVINCE ME TO EAT PLANTS" "I wIlL NeVER tRY This" Ahahaha

  • Renee S.
    6 days

    Intersting. I gotta try one.

  • Janet H.
    6 days

    What about gluten free?

  • Ivan N.
    6 days

    never heard about that before , the architecture of meat...that is a new one

  • Matthew E.
    6 days

    It has more calories then meat...

  • Sarah G.
    6 days

    I'll pass on the Bill Gates burger. All the shit he peddles is poison.

  • Jo M.
    6 days


  • Vinay K.
    6 days

    Vegans should think beyond taste.

  • She L.
    6 days

    Don't want it. Leave it alone.

  • Sarah W.
    6 days

    I love it!

  • Elise M.
    6 days

    No thanks, I'll have proper meat, not some shite like that.

  • Paula P.
    6 days

    They’re lovely, my favourites 💕🌱💕

  • Giovanni C.
    6 days

    If I want a hamburger, I want a hamburger. If I to choose an alternative? I would choose a Turkey buger.

  • Jay M.
    6 days

    Flavoring by Monsanto and Round Up

  • Margareta H.
    6 days

    anyone who has tasted it here and can tell how it tasted ?

  • Alberto R.
    6 days

    Vegans need to stop with these ridiculous loopholes ANIMALS EAT ANIMALS yall would die if you were left out in the wild eating fucking blades of grass and crickets

  • Mark A.
    6 days

    Vegens just want meat but dont want dead animals fair play just dont fuc with us meat eatters your not strong enough

  • Bonnie R.
    6 days

    Do you know what's in it? I've read that a true vegan was hospitized because it has animal protein in it. True vegans can't eat that, it can kill them.