Fat-Shaming In Bollywood

From Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham to Kal Ho Naa Ho... watch how your Bollywood favourites have normalised body-shaming time after time. When will this trend end?

24/12/2021 14:57
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  • Roselan A.
    15/01/2022 08:56

    We don’t body shame we are equal opportunities when it comes to telling someone they have eaten another or tell someone that the wind will blow them away, so we don’t have the western issue of victimization of every lil thing.

  • Lubhana J.
    09/01/2022 06:34

    Body shaming is wrong but being fat is unhealthy and wrong too.It can either be taken positively or negatively.Its not a “trend”. Am sorry either you live only in the “Bollywood” land but this attitude has been present since the time immemorial. Like I said again you can use someone’s sneer to your advantage and lose some weight to be healthy or be a cry baby. I think we should stop normalising the “trend” of painting everything and anything in a negative light.

  • Haseeb A.
    08/01/2022 13:23


  • Prithu S.
    27/12/2021 20:46

    isn't that the truth of the society in which we live? isn't being too fat or too skinny unhealthy? what's the point in blasting at body criticism, change your shape and get fit if you are so offended

  • Adv U.
    27/12/2021 18:49

    Obesity is dangerous

  • Brut India
    27/12/2021 16:05

    How does Bollywood depict South Indians?

  • Sawan K.
    27/12/2021 10:20

    Thank you for sharing this ♥️

  • Yeragudipati A.
    27/12/2021 09:54

    True that good health should be the priority. One should not be body shamed for a little increase in weight since they can get back to shape. Parineeti Chopra looked beautiful when a little plump. Meaning skinny doesn't mean one is beautiful. So better way of putting it is if they look good when a little plump accept yester years heroines like Hema Malini were never too lean yet looked beautiful. So too much into looking z Size zero trend should stop. Looking healthy is as important

  • Arkaprabho R.
    26/12/2021 21:39

    Asli maza to tb ayega jb kisi din pta chalega ki body shaming k against first activist group k piche McD USA ka funding hai 😂😂

  • Akash S.
    26/12/2021 04:43

    Brut India..... " Take a Chill-Pill " Well if pointing out someone who is OBESE is bad, then not pointing out someone who is OBESE & still don't care is worst. For god's sake, dont bring up 10-15 years old films just to talk about modern problems. Its like you watching a Mughal Empire Documentry, and complaining why are they are killing people in war, "Its a Crime".....

  • Zee S.
    25/12/2021 20:39

    So we should normalise been fat , it's unhealthy.

  • Sk A.
    25/12/2021 10:13

    Khane ko hi toh manha kr rha hai. Overeating is not good for health.

  • Mahbood M.
    25/12/2021 09:38

    Jo hai woh hai it’s not body shaming it’s reality…Some actors got break due it and that’s how ppl behave in reality and unknowingly we all do that…the trend should not end. Earlier it was said in few scenes. Now actors have career doing such characters. Movies on being bald,dark,fat,gay,transgender,bodybuilder,schizophrenia,split personality and what not… it’s not only Bollywood it’s all movie industries..just chill.

  • Rahul V.
    25/12/2021 04:15

    Take it in a positive way. Body shaming is bad ofcourse but we should encourage people to get rid of obesity too. After all everyone should lead a healthy life.

  • कहकहा
    25/12/2021 03:22

  • R H.
    25/12/2021 03:05

    Nth wrong Fat is not good for everyone but fat people even don’t like themselves

  • Sheldon R.
    25/12/2021 01:14

    Being overweight isn't healthy and being slim doesn't guarantee that you are healthy either. I know both types of people who have health issues. One has to take care of themselves to prevent health complications. What's bad is mocking their health condition, for e.g someone with thyroid can either be gaining weight that makes them fat or losing weight that makes them skinny.

  • Nawazsharif S.
    25/12/2021 00:23

    Abbeeyyyy saaaale .... Jab movie aaya So rahe the kya

  • Tahir K.
    24/12/2021 17:41

    Shaming, racism and other so called bad stuff is a part of our lives. We can't get rid of it. It's in entertainment and our daily life. For that, if you want to get rid of, you need to go purely Islamic I believe. You need to shut down your so called entertainment industry, you need to get rid of our daily joking which we call fun. You need to have a decent serious life style suggested by Islam. People are gonna call you conservative and so many things but that's the only way to deal with it. In movies, hero will always be fit, fair, flirticious, doing all those stuff out of decency which is not heroism in anyway that's wrong in itself.

  • Sri P.
    24/12/2021 16:40

    Good that voices are being raised for beauty stereotypes that the media industry infuses on Indians for a very long time.... Either body shape or fair skin