Who is Martin Shkreli?

He unapologetically hiked the price of a life-saving drug by almost 5000% and went to prison for defrauding investors. "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli is now banned from the pharmaceutical industry for life. This is his story.

22/01/2022 18:57


  • Laxmi A.
    4 horas

    Evil reigns and it just isnt him. Billionaires do not need to exist. That's criminal.

  • Mark W.
    6 horas

    dirt bag......

  • Dan G.
    6 horas

    Is he living our of his car yet? would be well deserved.

  • Natasha D.
    17/04/2022 15:53

    Bad nose job

  • Renzo M.
    24/03/2022 13:33

    Cmon all the pharmaceutical companies do that , they pick at which price they should sell depending on the country , they are not here to cure or help , they are here to make money which is the right move for a company of course but still I think they should have more program for those that their life really depend on those meds but don’t have the money

  • Tarryn L.
    20/03/2022 00:02

    I'm not saying what he has done isn't wrong at all because it was disgusting how he raised those prices so high. He is a psychopath who has zero empathy. But how different is he from the outrageous costs of American healthcare? It's weird how the world jumped on him for what he did (and rightly so) while people in America are literally dying because they can not afford basic health care for things like Asthma or Diabetes. Not to mention being forced to pay hundreds of thousands for urgent hospital care.

  • Enio G.
    18/03/2022 01:55

    He will come back big time because he understands the game is about money, not people.

  • Michael G.
    23/02/2022 05:25

    He made all the share holders money a large portion of which are the retirement funds you all collect a pension off of so maybe rethink that before casting stones 🤔

  • Cory S.
    21/02/2022 04:14

    he should be banned from living

  • Billy M.
    19/02/2022 06:37

    Will bet he's not so smug in prison for sure

  • Ivo E.
    18/02/2022 22:42

    A pure product of the American capitalist society. Grows up in the bottom of society and instead of having sympathy and understanding once he has his shot the only thing his focus on is to get to the top of the pyramid no matter what. This is what you get. A pure money oriented individuals with total lack of empathy in pursuit of the top chair. No values, no moral, all money and status because what sells is the poor boy in Brooklyn who made it to the top. Wall Street needs the individuals to believe in this pathetic version of society so they justify this economic system were an ordinary Joe MIGHT have is chance if he does what they need. Millions won’t make it only few will but the American dream will live on. Burn all the villages all the bridges, do whatever it takes to get there but get there for the sake of the bi Corporation I mean American dream.

  • Joseph M.
    17/02/2022 03:32

    Big pharma and the fda are no better ….

  • Hannah S.
    17/02/2022 02:58

    And it’s these type of MFs that influence politicians 😡

  • Greg C.
    16/02/2022 19:13

    And every large, for-profit pharmaceutical company in the world loves it everytime a consumers rage is directed at this ONE man, rather than the entire sordid industry that causes about as many deaths by keeping their medicines behind expensive paywalls, as they do by selling them

  • Katharina H.
    15/02/2022 15:07

    Narcissistic personality disorder?

  • Flogerta D.
    15/02/2022 14:28

    The only person with an Albanian origin we don't claim 😤😤😤🤮

  • Kris K.
    15/02/2022 11:25

    Greedy Paracite

  • Nardeen K.
    15/02/2022 06:51

    A typical narcissist

  • Jukić J.
    15/02/2022 02:17

    Yea thing is i dont support him, but if you are actually look where this prices went up , it was only for Company and Farmaceuts not the patient... you can check that online..

  • Juan P.
    14/02/2022 07:34

    He got arrested for not donatin money to politicians as all other big pharma bosses do. Simple as that. Perdue basically sold prescription heroin and killed thousands and thousands of civilians and they were simply given a small fine.