Cancer survivor builds app for breast self-exams

When she found a lump in her breast, her doctor thought she was too young to have cancer. Now, this survivor has built an app, Feel For Your Life, to encourage all women to self-check and prevent the worst ...

09/10/2021 23:58


  • Brut
    11/10/2021 13:57

    The Feel For Your Life app allows you to set reminders for self breast exams, helps you track your progress, and lets you join a private support community. It was created by Jessica Baladad, a breast cancer survivor who found a malignant lump while doing a self breast exam:

  • Ben Jackson
    11/10/2021 04:04

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  • Maureen R.
    11/10/2021 01:46

    a self exam would have never found my 3 lumps. just on the of chance I ask my doc if I needed one at 40 and she said what the heck why not. ya right. so 1 mammogram, then a radical and then 3 lumps came out from behind my right breast. 2 calcium deposits and 1 benign deposit. stiches and drainage tube and the wait of my life to find out the results at 40 single mom of 4. god was good and I was a ok so please have mammograms.