Priest calls out leaders after journalist's killing

"Why... does it take the death of 29 year old woman to get to this point?" After the killing of a young author and journalist, this priest called out UK and Irish leaders gathered for her funeral.

This 10yo sells his paintings to help the homeless

At 4, Arthur had the idea of selling his drawings to buy sandwiches for homeless people. Now 10 years old, his plans have become a lot more ambitious. This is his story. 🏠

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"Birth striking" in protest at climate collapse

"How to continue within a species that has become so emphatically suicidal?" Blythe Pepino wants children but refuses to have them in the face of climate catastrophe. She told Brut why she became a birth striker.

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Meet Emma Thompson

At 16, she was an environmental activist. No, it's not Greta Thunberg... it's Emma Thompson.

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Greta confronts UK leaders with the truth

"The UK's active current support of new exploitations of fossil fuels.. is beyond absurd." 16 year old Greta Thunberg held this room full of UK politicians to account for all their failed promises over climate action. 💪🌎

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Paula Radcliffe on running

“Nine times out of ten, once you get out and you do the run, you come back and you feel so much better for having done it.” Fastest female marathoner of all time Paula Radcliffe explains what goes in on her head when she runs.

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The life of Queen Elizabeth II

She's the world's oldest serving monarch and she turns 93 today. This is the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

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5 things to remember if you get arrested at a protest

In just under a week, more than 500 people have been arrested in London for protesting against climate change. This Extinction Rebellion member explains what activists should do when getting arrested.

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Israeli Scientists Create 3D Printed Heart

This tiny heart could be a giant leap forward in medical technology. 💓

The life of Julian Assange

After seven years in confinement, master computer programmer Julian Assange was arrested on the 11th of April this year. This is his life story.

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