Brave cop saves Muslim man from mob attack

A police officer in North India is praised for defending a young man while he is attacked by an angry crowd. 👏

31/05/2018 16:46
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  • Mikhail W.
    01/06/2018 00:25

  • Mikhail W.
    01/06/2018 00:28

    يالشيطان المسيح غالب

  • Ahmed S.
    01/06/2018 02:22

    Thank you 😊 police 👮‍♀️ are a real hero. we are human.why do fight I don’t understand.every one should respect each other religions.

  • Chaudhry S.
    01/06/2018 03:54

    Hindu terrorists....

  • Stíofán S.
    02/06/2018 18:30

    So why are they mad? Jealousy ? Anger? Or the fact they are allowed message white chick after white chick or black or asian or whatever asking for pictures of their private parts? Their the biggest pests online for pursuing women that domt want their attention, pure inhumane neanderthals, get with the fucking ages you bunch of savages

  • Sukena B.
    02/06/2018 21:49

    This officer is a hero 🙌🏽✊🏽

  • Andrea J.
    03/06/2018 16:28

    Brave man.

  • Ady G.
    04/06/2018 19:58

    Respect to him 👊🏽

  • Ashley J.
    06/06/2018 16:47


  • Antonio B.
    06/06/2018 21:19

    Salute police

  • Pete S.
    07/06/2018 10:57

    Respect now let's get rid of religion & more on science & logic farther than imaginary entities in the sky.No wonder were screwed as a spieces.

  • Gee C.
    08/06/2018 09:12

    Silly Little( people) as the British would said in the film "Lawrence of Arabia " . Let them kill each other. ..coz they are very happy with what they Do.

  • Mark M.
    08/06/2018 11:42

    This simple fact if this story is true shows that faith religion and beliefs do NOT unite us they divide us as a species

  • קאליקסטו מ.
    08/06/2018 19:26

    Marry meee haha